Rematch with the Kings

Why do I have a bad feeling about every hornets game


Anyone know of anything?

:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


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Line is still up and -3

Maybe they can trade Harrison at halftime again.

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Biz… damn

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I have a feeling we will lose tonight. The Kings are better than their record.

Not looking great. Defense is all over the shop.

Not hitting threes tonight.

I really wish we could see what we have in Vernon Carey Jr. Playing him some decent minutes can’t hurt.

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The Kings are better than their record but if we can’t beat them playing at home there is no way we make the playoffs. Our schedule gets much harder going forward.

It is going to be a long second half of the season!

eh… I think that’s just the NBA, especially this season. It’s not a good look to lose this game, but what’s much more important is keeping a head up and rebuilding momentum.

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I hear you. I tend to jump the gun so to speak. I need to not do that so much.

No worries. As Hornets/Bobcats fans, we’ve been conditioned to believe the worst!


Another Lamelo benching, guess it didn’t go horribly

Not a fun night for us

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Our guys are scappers so maybe they can still win this one.

I had a feeling before this game started that it would be a trap game.

Our up coming scendule is going to be brutal!

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We just can’t seem to get that last 4-5 points to overtake them all game

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I am SO sick and tired of Lamelo being shit on by refs. That no call changed the momentum of the whole game

I doubt there is a trade in the works between these two teams.