Kulboka could be heading back to US

I’m still hopeful for him

Has some serious skills, has out on a little weight


He looked quite promising in Summer League a couple or few years ago. Good all round game (shot & facilitation) and height/length is what I think I remember.

lol wow i was so overly excited we kept 2nd rounders from a draft that year.

Look at stats & vid, see gained a weight, 6 10 not NBA strong for inside scorer rebounder, but never expected anyhow
Playmaker disappoint, a lot more turnovers than assists 42-101 in 85 games. Not creator scorer, 8.7 pts/game . But does shoot ball very well, if can play marginally competent defense, at least in conversation for the 3 probable end of roster spots and 2 ways along with JBs favorite Martins, Jalen, Riller, 56, 57…

Euro rumor, wants buy out, option wants a NBA shot even if starts in g-league.