Bryce McGowens Thread

Welcome to the Hornets - or Swarm. Sounds like he’s going to need some work on game and body but projects well. Assume he’s going to get more mail in GSO than CLT. lists him as a SG!

Seems to me that this is part of the “so long Bouk” trade package. We drafted a potential replacement for Bouk and this should force him to get his crap together or else!

Great plan front office!

They announced him as a 2-way contact last night. That doesn’t feel like it’s got a lot of immediate pressure on any player under full contract today.


Whatever, best wishes in your career dude. See you in Greensboro.

If they gave him a two way then is Scottie losing his? What about Gelo - does he get the other two way? Is Kulboka on his way out? Things are happening.

I highly doubt Gelo gets a two-way. He did not look good to me in Drew League. He will probably keep his roster spot in Swarm tho.

Gelo isn’t on a two way.

I still had the Ringer’s mock draft tab open, cause I may have a problem closing tabs.

But good news! He was actually pick 22 in their draft. I’m wondering if Mitch was fine with whatever at 45 until he saw McGowens falling. Here’s their blurb of his strengths:

Tremendous upside if he improves his overall fundamentals because of his dynamic scoring ability.

  • Ballhandlingbadge


  • Athleticismbadge



  • Skilled ball handler who freezes defenders with hesitation dribbles. He lacks elite burst but makes up for it with long strides, sort of like Brandon Ingram.
  • Encouraging potential as a shooter with soft touch on his floaters and a high percentage from the line. If he becomes a more consistent shooter, his handle could turn him into a go-to scoring option.
  • Good interior finisher even against significant contact, and he’s pro-ready at drawing fouls by flailing his body around like a veteran.
  • Occasionally makes a slick pass off the dribble that makes you wonder what he could become if he valued playmaking as much as scoring. With his fluidity and athleticism, it’s the area that could help make him take a leap.
  • At 6-foot-7 with a 6-foot-9 wingspan, he has the body to become a strong defender, but he’s shown only limited flashes of potential. If he can make quick rotations and get his long arms in passing lanes, he could make things difficult on opponents.

Since passing is contagious, and we have a very pass happy, unselfish team, I have a good feeling it will rub off on him. He also shot 83% from the line and has good touch, so those are good ingredients to developing into a good 3 point shooter.


Excellent idea and that’s great news! I didn’t think to look him up on the big boards. We were aggressive in getting him for a specific reason. Here are some of the other rankings:

Tankathon 34
ESPN 10th best SG
CBS Sports 41 37
Ringer 24 (Mock draft)

I am hoping and praying that he’s good enough to be a back-up point guard. We tried Bouk at the 1 so it plausible that this kid can try out for PG duties too. If so then this draft was a 100x BETTER than I thought!

Things may have broke our way more then we know!!!

Bryce is a good pick. Good player & good value. I wonder if he has the capability to run the point on our second unit, in addition to being a versatile wing when he breaks into the rotation?

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I’m wondering how much of the “local guy” factored in beyond just staff familiarity with McGowens. If the idea is that you’ve got to grow a kid, does it make you feel better knowing that he’s from the area and maybe more comfortable patiently developing here than bringing in a kid not from here who may decide it’s not worth it? (At least, if he’s got professional opportunities elsewhere.)

Probably overthinking it, but just wondering.

It’s time to get a summer league 2022 thread going!!!

I want to see what Thor, Kai and Bouknight have been up to. Plus I want to see Mark and Bryce against NBA competition. I want see if Bryce can be a PG. Heck I’m excited about Bradly Manek.

I am telling you right now I want Bradly signed to the Swarm!

I am hoping that Thor and Kai are competent enough for a bench spot this year.