Game 4: Van Gandy’s Favorite Son

I’m guessing Cliff cause he actually has a personality. They’ve all got a sense of humor, I’m guessing the mood died whenever Thibs entered the room.

Since we’re apparently road warriors, and play better with more guys down, I think theres a good chance for a win? Brunson is crafty, but DSJ has that bulldog mentality, we’ll see who wins the refs favor.

We all wanted the young guys to play, only 3 more veterans to get injured for the dream to happen. Just kidding fate, you don’t have to throw karma in my face for a little jokey joke. (Okay, maybe the tall one, but just for a game or 5)

Really looking forward to this game, want to see if early season success is sustainable, or just a surge of positive energy, against a solid team on the road.

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Oh wait. Too strong. Let me dial it down.

Another road win would be nice and it would be cool to see DSJ continue his strong start and limit Brunson. Fuck it, I’ve got the hornets by 9.


Hope to see Nick and DSJ continue their hot starts

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That’s what I’m looking for as well.

I think Terry plays

I read Terry and Cody was day to day. On paper the two teams look very close.

Richards setting some nasty screens

and I quote “Hi, I’m an NBA Ref. I may not be a NY Native, but you wouldn’t know it by watching me call a game when NY is at home.”

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The leader of the Bouknight fan club says those last few plays were nice

I think we have a bad night tonight and lose by double digits. I hope I am wrong.

Damn guys, all my streams stopped working. Hook a dude up with some streams please? Damn.

League Pass + VPN

You have to do the walkthrough tho (

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NBA League pass has been trash for me via the Firestick App and the iPad App. However, absolutely no issues watching via Windows desktop. It’s a change of pace for me after dropping Spectrum, but kind of nice in that I watch the game on one 27" monitor and then browse the web on the other. (really wanted it to work via Firestick with VPN to continue with the big screen but nope, it was horrible)

Yeah, not really looking to buy NBA league pass. I can def set up the VPN bypass part though.

Yeah, VPN doesn’t work on Firestick for me either. But I haven’t tried the workaround there yet.

NordVPN is what I have and it seems to work fine with other Apps when connected on the firestick, but not so well with NBA . com

League pass cost was cut in half from last year. I paid extra for the premium service. So no commercials is pretty sweet and I can be logged on from two different devices at the same time. Plus the cost of league pass is super cheap compared to what I paid Spectrum for cable. (pays for itself in one month)

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How the fuck is that not a foul for checking Bouk to the floor. Fuck that are you serious


Bouk is learning how the NBA refs work in NY for sure!! jeez!

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I think it has to do with NBA . com, they changed the VPN intervention from last year. I had no problems with VPN last year, but this year, it is harder.

Absolutely crazy it wasn’t a foul he basically got hockey checked