Hornets Summer League

Oh yes. One month away from some Hornets Basketball baby.


A little #1 pick vs #2 pick action there w/ SAS and us.

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Watch neither of them play. It would not surprise me.

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You know me - I’m gonna to find an undrafted free agent underdog to support! Everybody likes a Cinderella story. And there is nothing like reading box scores again!

I’m cool w them sitting out!

I totally get why they would but I really want to see it for selfish reasons, especially if we draft Scoot.

We are hooking up with the Spurs a couple of times this summer


I want to see Miller’s minutes limited in summer league play. He’s got nothing to prove this summer.

Looks like we should win at least half of our games in the summer league. We go so many young dudes who are good on defense (Leaky Black, Nnaji and Nat Mensah) that we should win some.

I don’t really want to see his minutes limited. I want to see him put on a show

All these games on ESPN?

I’ve got YouTube tv and guess I got to figure out how I’m gonna watch the buzz this year

A mix between that and NBA TV I believe


The leaky black all-stars

At about 5:15 she verified that Miller will play in the summer league. They discuss Miller more at about 7:00.

Not familiar with him, but a PG is always welcome, especially if they’re any good.


So we aren’t worried about Bouk getting injured… or we could showcase him.

As long as he doesn’t punch any walls, I think he’ll be ok.

He needs to absolutely fire on all cylinders to stand any chance of getting into the rotation. We have to give him every opportunity to do so, if only to generate some trade value.

I think he has a Tesla so the disconnect is kinda funny there.

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