Hornets Summer League

Wemby is already scared of that Hornets swarm baby. 2 days when the new era of the buzz begins

"It's Miller Time!" 80pt summer league game tonight


I honestly think Bouk is going off tonight, if he plays a good bit.

I feel we have like 4 guys who could go off though. It should be fun.

He absolutely needs to dominate. Take it to the rim, spread the floor, move the ball and be engaged and accurate on D.

As Summer League is made for Guards to shine, I hope Smith & Bailey have their moments too. I want big minutes for all the Hornets guys and for Swarm hopefuls to pick
up any slack.

I’m excited to see Kai as well. We have so many guys who I have high hopes for.

Hopefully not just launching up 3s, or if so, going better than 1-11.

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I remember this time last year I was so excited to see Kai play in Summer League and then…uh-oh one brick after another. It was so ugly.

Thor to was bad until maybe the last game when he finally went off a bit.

So not getting my hopes up this time.

Guys the hornets have THE nationally televised game!

See that "It's Miller Time!" pick is already paying off

Do we want the Chat enabled for tonight’s game?


I want Miller coming out putting up shots. I’m scared he’s going to be passive though.

Wish I could throw some cash at it. No action for this game.

I think our new bench (this lineup) is perfect for this type of game…

Combo of rim runners and shooters

He’ll be fine.

I was joking in the post. The wemby masturbatory fest is going to be annoying

Chat open as “Summer League Game 1”

Can’t wait! #TeamNSJr

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We already got a peak Kai Jones sequence

Tater, head to the Chat (up top)

We are still the Hornets

join chat. Miserable with company.

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Just tuned in. WTF!!!

QUICK… tune out!