Hornets Summer League 2024

In typical hornets fashion, let’s get things started with bad news immediately after good news.


But seriously, “minor knee laceration”? Tidjane, did you party too hard my dude?

So our first round pick will be missing the first 3 games right out of the gate?


Idk why but as soon as i saw the tweet i just started laughing. Not because it was funny but its almost like a “you gotta be kidding me”

Heck, second rings pick is missing all of summer league

Holy :poop: … I didn’t even see the part about Simpson. Sheesh. We need to send everyone home, have the whole organization come in and lock them in a freaking padded room. Heck let me in there too cause I feel like I’m losing it.This is f’n insane…

So like they KNEW Simpson was injured and we thought “oh… well, he’ll at least be a point guard in Summer League to help Tidjane see some semblance of offense”… :joy: :sob:

Did we already have a summer league thread?? Did I just space?

Of course I did my homework. No summer league thread (for 2024).

Revised: looks like we started separate summer league threads at the same time - hence the consolidation.

Can’t wait to post the roster!!! I might consolidate all of the videos of the guys trying to get a contract.

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That would be cool. I like the look of a couple of the guys so far. I do wonder if our rep has already been raised, not that we’d set an especially high bar to clear, due to the likes of Peterson and Lee. I just get the feeling we’re seen in a slightly different light already.

First vegas summer league game is 7/13 at 2:00. I don’t know if that is pacific or eastern time, but I’d guess west coast time.

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I’m really excited to see what drew pember does. Sort of ambivalent about seeing miller there. It’ll be good to get him some additional time with coach Lee, but damn. I really don’t want to see him get injured in summer league

I think pember will find a role in the league as a spot up three point shooter.

Tbh I hope Miller is just there to practice and is shutdown after a game my heart cannot take this dude somehow getting injured playing in a Summer league game


Any true point guards on the roster?

Exactly this. Maybe some limited game time too, but understanding the systems and style of play has to be the aim.

Is it bad that was the first thought I had when I saw his name? “Oh god please don’t get injured”

Have i missed something but where is Joel Soriano on the summer league roster???

I’m sure Miller is there just for the practice. I’d be shocked if he was in a game at all.

Always a good trip to go to California and Vegas for free if the team pays for it. Lol

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