Summer League 2021

Looking forward to watching what I can of this. I know LaMelo is out and Gelo is in. Aside from that, assume everyone that was drafted last year + this year + Cam McGriff is all I know.

We should have a fun team to watch out there. Hopefully they’ll get as much game time as possible.

Plowright sighting

Wish he was still posting on here

Smart kid

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Just looked at the official roster… a couple interesting points - Kulboka is back and Riller is on the roster after the news yesterday.

I am going to go ahead and say that this is our best all-time summer league roster.

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Well of course he should still be posting here, hornetsplanet is the cream of the crop Hornets fans. So it would make sense.

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It may not be much, but it feels good to say that and mean it. Feels like we’re building some good momentum.

A few years ago I remember being more excited for summer league than the actual season, so progress is progress LOL


I did not realize that JT Thor is not on this list? Is that an omission? Is he hurt? How did he not make the roster?

It’s because the trade that netted us the 37th pick and Plumlee isn’t yet official. Thor will be on the roster.

Excellent point, thanks. You are right, I think that can’t be facilitated until the 6th.

Vernon might’ve lost more weight he’s listed at 255 now

LiAngelo is a much larger human than I thought he was.

That was my exact same thought. He must be pretty built!

Riller, Bouknight, Kulboka, Kai & Vernon is quite a 5. Hopefully Lewis & Thor will play their part, maybe Richards too (though I would focus my Big minutes on Vernon, Kai & Thor).

Shame for him, hope it’s nothing too serious

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