Summer League 2021

yeah that’s too bad. Hate to see it. that must be devastating to the guy.

Crap for us last year, but this really crappy for darling

we bring the beard back to fill roster

Good get for us, a guard get ball past half court, for all these kids Joel Berry the real really old dude

Joel Barry Carol

Anyone else watching BOS vs ATL in LV? Cooper and J. Johnson debuts for ATL. Johnson is giving me some odd Jahlil vibe with more athleticism.

Man those Rockets studs are looking like Studs. Sengun and Green are GREAT additions. Green will be an incredible player, and Sengun just has a knack to get to the basket, whether offensively or when attacking the glass

Disappointing for OKC that Giddey went down so freaky early.

i was pretty disappointed about not getting Sengun. I’d rather have had Sengun than Bouknight personally. I know I’m in the minority on that, and i accept it. I just love those super skilled euro big guys.

I think like much in the same way that Miles over Shai has context, so does this. Tier wise, I’d like to believe we saw Al-P and Bouk are in the same tranche. In that case, fit, Bouk is a much better fit. If we do end up moving PJ for any reason this year, then I will question the choice. But my bet is that we’re very much in for PJ long term.

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Give me Bouk and Kai over Sengun everyday

Haven’t seen it mentioned here but where’s JT Thor at?

Thor had a few moments in the hot mess of a game tonight.

The NBA is putting summer league highlights on YouTube. Do a search for hornets summer league.

SL over got interesting winners at the
per 36 awards, k will Mahoney out limited minutes

Best: Lewis & Thor 50%
Worse: Gello & Carton 37.5
3P FG%
Best: Lewis 60, Sneed #2 at 45.5
Worst: technically Nick and Carey at 0.0, but higher attempts Carton .143, Kai .167
Thor aggrev reckless but better finisher than expected
Coaches did tell us b4 games Lewis better shooter than expected

Leading scorer: Vernon Carey 23.6
pts, still showing can get buckets around basket…and cannot defend or have range. Surprise #2 is JT Thor at 22

Assists: Riller 7.9, (3.4 to)
Turnovers: Carton 7.9 (6.7 ass)
Whatever numbers, both sucked at PG and a constant struggle to get anything going
Best A/TO: Xavier Sneed 4.1/2.
Most pathetic A/TO: Carey .8/4.7

Steals: Gello 3.3, Kulby 3.0 not elite pick pockets, but some high BB IQ
Blocks: Lewis 2.7, Thor 2.2

ORB: Thor 4.9
DRB: Kai 8.7
Total Reb: Kai 12, Thor 11
Not size yet, but Kai & Thor with more instincts and ability at boards than Carey or Richards

Kai may be a higher upside, Thor is better at basketball now.
Lewis and Sneed most well rounded and best all around.

Cool to see the numbers validate what the eyes saw. Lewis may end up being quite a steal following a year under a 2-way.

Thor does look closer to being ready than I was expecting. The comment on him was he would have benefited from anther year in college and would likely have been a lottery pick next year if he had of gone back.

I think he and Kai should play both big spots in Greensboro, together, and switch it up on both sides of the ball. Could develop into quite the combination with time.

Absolutely! I love prospects like Lewis in the second round. Long, athletic, high motor on D … just need to get them shooting better. Lots of young players seem to have more energy and interest on O than D. Where the inverse is true I think the potential to be a real player is higher (just my opinion, no data to back that up) … just need that shot to come on to make it happen (MKG I still love you buddy!).

What’s really encouraging is he’s clearly been working on his shot. I do wonder if all 4 of this years picks might just be rotation, end of bench, level players by next year, which is ahead of the timeline I had in my head. Plenty of water to flow beneath that particular bridge between now and then, but it is intriguing to think about.

sorry, not our summer league team but it’s too good not to post. i think i watched this like 5 times. kuminga ohhhhhh boy

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Had watch over again too
Cant use only SL, #8 defense was laughably bad and help defenders clueless…put that on the how never to play defense again tape

#00 rewarded them spectacularly

no no. that was their defensive set called “standing, watching, and not communicating”. the defense executed it perfectly.

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