Terry Camp and Training Camp 2021

Figure we need a thread between “off-season/free agency and incoming” and “2021-22 Hornets Preseason”

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I know it’s just some pick up games but LaMelo looked really good in those clips

I really dig the energy. This feels like the trip to China again and that was a huge bonding experience. I want to up-count our win total by 10% based on camp Terry if I’m honest with myself.

Exciting clips picked out, even if take play & competition lightly…

Not a hulking, but look stronger
Angles probably trick my eyes, has he grown?
After vegas concerns, wrist looking ok

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Our rookie Booknight looks like a junior high player. He looks real small lol.

Really? This is (MJ and JB in) Miami (with the guys)?

Xavier Sneed sign to training camp, like in summer league, like better than other already on tc roster…

With McGriff puts us at 21, need to cut somebody

Its just a training camp deal that won’t go any further than Greensboro. No issues.

Interesting that they’d put themselves in a position needing to cut someone before camp. Possible that McGriff and team never came to terms?

How the fu*k is Terry the number 81 player in NBA and Buddy Hield is 51

Bullshit ESPN shite


Bc he plays for the Hornets. The media is so lame

Official TC roster drop, looks like McGriff was a whiff or a temp hold until Sneed was done.

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Little surprised Gelo didn’t get a look.

Feel like I’ve been here since moment 1, never expected him to be paid by the big org. At best, he’s getting a cup of coffee in GSO.

Trying to get over a cold so just watching the Hornets training camp press interviews and either I am seeing things or Melo is way stronger looking than we last saw him.

WAYYYY, he has definitely added some significant upper body strength. Stills needs some legs days though haha but overall he looks much more toned and not just skinny.

Lebron starting early with miles

He has been on one with Bridges for a while. Don’t forget Bridges wis with Klutch