2021 Training Camp

Wondering about all of the undrafted guys. I know nothing other than what I just read about them.

Kahlil Whitney is the most fascinating. Was a projected lottery pick prior to the season but then had a terrible season at Kentucky. Wondering if I might be a legit diamond in the rough.

Keandre Cook looks like he can shoot from 3.

Thoughts on any of these or the other undrafted guys?

It players such as Kahlil Whitney that I’m happy we’re targetting and think we can be successful in recruiting. We’ve shown that second round picks and undrafted guys will be developed and given minutes if they earn them. Good luck to him.

Training camp relevant, can’t imagine it will be isolated to GSW.

Info flow spigot opens Friday afternoon I’d guesss

In case folks weren’t aware, all the videos are hosted on the Hornets YouTube channel now, not on the Hornets site proper:

Charlotte Hornets - YouTube

So far, Terry might be my favorite interview in so far. I might have talked about trading his contract for $$ and log jam reasons but as a guy, I really enjoy the heck out of Terry and glad we have him here.


I like his heart and about 75% of his game

Exactly the same here re. Terry. I really like him and he was much better than advertised as a locker room presence, clearly a team player and versatile too. Happy to have him but I still think he and Monk ought not both be on the roster.

The only exception to one of Terry & Monk needing (IMO) to be moved is if this talk about ‘big playmakers’ carries more weight then people are realising. Could it be that Devonte & Terry are the small playmakers (Point Guard), Haywood & Ball are the big playmakers (Point Forward) with Martin & Monk as the SGs? I don’t know, sounds a little far fetched as I’m reading this back but I do think Borrego thinks outside the confines of traditional positions & rolls (see PJ at C).

Between monk and Terry, terry all day even considering $$$

Malik got COVID. 20ch

Shoot, that sucks for him. Saw from Rick’s tweet that he is asymptomatic which is good.

This looks fun

Did our two rookies get blown by by Cody Zeller on that clip :grimacing:

Those passes whew

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We need to have a running bet of who gets hit in the face with a ball in a live game situation first. I don’t think it will be Biz because I don’t see him playing much but he’s got to be up there.

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I was thinking Biz as well

Daddy likey. 20chars