Ball and Rozier in Covid protocol

Hello darkness my old friend

Let’s see if they can pull a Lebron and spam 25 tests in a day to get 2 negatives lol


Welp. And Woj is saying that there is concern that more positive tests might be coming for other players or staff. :frowning:

McDaniels and Plumlee as well. Without Kai and Bouk, Thor, Carey , thats a 7 player roster.

Starters: Ish, Oubre, Hayward, Bridges, PJ

Bench, Martin, Richards,

So we will have to call up a guy just to have have tmrws game postpones. Our rooks may actually get a look.

Also, we may have to call up Carey, Thor, Boul and Kai just to be safe

Pain. That said, this has to mean some minutes for the rookies doesn’t it? I would not be surprised if they still don’t play though.

We are about to find out just how much Lamelo makes us go and how much Hayward has left in the tank. Also, Miles Shines in these moments so hopefully he avoids infection

Yeah get these guys some swabs pronto

I got a bit worried when Coby White was positive only a few nights after we played them. I must admit I thought I was just overreacting when nothing was said about close contact in games so dismissed it.

Interesting option though not sure whom that would be as they couldn’t be on an active roster.

Calling up the entire g league team

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How many games are they estimated to miss?

We’ll finally, I can stop complaining about the lack of bouknight minutes for a little while.

CO article says the earliest they could be back is Wed, second of the PHI games. Could be up to 10 days however.

Ahhh i see. Hopefully its just false positives but since its 4 guys out, not too optimistic. Hopefully though this could be a blessing in disguise and the guys plugged in can perform, regardless if we win or lose.

You’ll have to see if he actually gets pt tonight

The more he doesn’t play, the more this narrative grows in my head: coach JB did not want to draft Bouknight

Me i think he was over hyped. At best I think someone like Oubre. His handle isn’t great. His defense is below average. He looks to me as if he could turn into a 3and D but isn’t thair yet. I have never been big on him . He reminds me of a ball stoper somewhat of a black hole. I hope he proves me wrong . Me i wanted Sharp the center from UNC.
What do i know? I am just a beat up old man lol

I’m not upset with the Bouknight pick, but I wasn’t very excited about it either. Look at what happened last time we took a player in the first that slipped (Monk).

The guy I really wanted what Sengun.

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And the time before that. Noah Vonleh.

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El Oh El - this is nuts, NVTS nuts (look it up)

Smh nobody is safe