Hornets Back Home

Some tough losses tonight but we should have enough still to handle this game. Knowing the Hornets it’ll be a dogfight.

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Kicking ass like we should! MJ being on the end of the bench probably helped with the focus from the start

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Good win

Cmon with the 10 characters

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Winning games like this is super crucial. Considering the schedule this team has endured to this point, ya gotta take care of the easier teams available.

Love and hate how we play when we are down core players. We always seem to play better. Makes me wonder why we don’t try as hard with a full team.

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What do you, or anyone else think the reason for this is?

Certainly there’s likely an element of our opposition taking us lightly but there’s more to it than that.

I’m wondering if we have too many offensive minded players who need the ball to be at their best? It’s one reason I’d like to see what starting Cody & moving Terry to the ‘6th man of the year’ role would look like. I think we’d get more out of GH this way too.

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Kinda agree on the point that we have so many offensive players used to dominating the ball that its hard for some of them to ply second fiddle when we are at full strength.

Also curious about balance of offense and defense/cohesion.

For whatever reason, this team plays with much more energy when we have Oubre, Martin or McDaniels starting.

I’d start rotating them in and tell the guys it’s a load management program lol. Heck I’d add Bouknight and Washington to that short list.

I wondered if something was worse than it appeared when they took her back. I never got a clean view of the video like we did with Hendo’s glasses lady but she seemed really off kilter when they showed her. Hope she heals up quickly; concussions can be extreemely unpleasant and can’t imagine a fractured cheekbone is any less so.

I really don’t feel sorry for her at all. She is whining about guys laughing at her… when they weren’t.

You have to pay attention at a basketball game, especially walking next to the Courtside seats during live play.

I thought Wood was being nice by offering her Courtsides in Houston anytime.

This screams to me of someone looking for a payday when there isn’t one to be had. That ticket you buy is also one hell of a waiver!

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Obviously, it sucks she got hit and I felt bad for her watching it. I think it’d be reasonable for the team to cover her medical expenses and offer her tickets to a future game plus some Hornets gear.

I missed the other stuff, I didn’t knew she had said anything more than this so that’s new information to me. I was just surprised by the medical impact and sympathize on that front.

Also, I did think that was a nice offer from Christian.

I took out part of my comment because she hasn’t actually moved to get a lawsuit and I don’t want to spread disinformation. She has criticized Christian Wood along with Dell and Eric saying they didn’t take what happened to her seriously enough. I know Christian Wood offered her courtside tickets.

If she’s said that about what happened in game time, that seems unfortunate and not entirely fair. They are reacting in real time, not with any benefit of evaluation. A player goes down once every couple games and announcers are often taking about the 5 on 4, not the heap in the floor initially.

I’m not sure what Wood can do there. It’s an errant pass. If that was instead a blocked shot going into the stands, he’d have just as little control of its outcome compared to an passing error. I think he was as contrite as one should expect. Maybe if it’s not a pandemic, he goes over there to personally check on the fan but no way I blame him for not doing so.


I was not aware than wood had offered her court side seats. That’s a kind, super dope offer that is not necessary by any means. If this lady is seriously seeking compensation for this, she is a trash person.

That’s a strong statement, and I stand by it.

And yeah sure, she should’ve been focused on the game, but I don’t blame her for not looking. Everyone knows what it’s like to be trying to track down their seats during a loud game. Generally don’t have to be looking out for a crazy, errant pass like that. That’s just a weird, rare thing.

But trying to get some kind of compensation or something? Cmon.

Maybe she’s not, but that verbiage sounds like someone who is. Kind of like Travis Scott’s “apology” where he kind of said sorry while carefully avoiding using any words that would be considered an admission of guilt.

“Legalese” is always easy to spot.