Trap game vs Minnesota

Towns is back and that’s not good for us

Well, according to H.Law 7(b)1, Townes playing actually improves our chances of winning the game more than if he was out. Now I’d have to do some more research into the law to see if a star thats recovering from a debilitating illness tilts the scales more or less in our favor, but seeing how full strength big men normally destroy us, I’m gonna go with saying we have a better chance tonight.


QC, we cannot guard (effective centers and three point shooting) so if KAT is healthy enough to create his normal gravity and he plunks himself down near the rim, and if Edwards or any other guy hits his first 2-3 corner threes, we’re in for an evening.

This is true, but Hornets Law creates is own paradoxes. If Townes were to be fully out, then Ricky Rubio would be guaranteed to hit 9 threes, Jarret Culver goes for a career high, and we forget how to shoot on the way to an embarrassing loss. This is the way.

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Ruh roh. Incoming covid layoffs.

I saw espn front story is on melo. I am happy for charlotte. At the same time, I can’t stand watching national games on espn or tnt. I am conflicted. I want the attention for the guys but I also want to keep enjoying the broadcasts

some things are bigger than ESPN :slight_smile:

Young man has a hell of a feel for marketing methinks.

And I was always afraid they’d call him „Air“Ball

Gave up 23 3 pointers last game… only on pace for 24 this game so far…

I’m at a birthday party so I’m box score watching atm but are we playing that zone still?

Does devonte have to come back? I promise I don’t dislike the guy…I just want him to play 20 minutes a game.

Malik can’t buy a bucket right now.

It’s going to be pathetic if we can’t beat a horrible Minnesota team.

Terry playing grown ass man basketball right now.


I’m glad I kept him on my fantasy teams

Would like to beat the worst team in the league by a lot more than 6 but it was a weird game for us with the team only showing up 1 hour before the game and being down three players so I’ll take it

Well I thought we looked alright without Pj and the Martins. HINT HINT

Terry carried us tonight, one thing I like seeing are different guys taking the lead each night. Couple of other guys were off but it was a weird day. Hopefully they rest up and get ready for a big game Sunday against the Spurs to try and get to .500

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Same. Love not relying on one dude to not be boom or bust.

Weird how off Gordon has looked for three games in a row now. It started in the second half of the win over WAS. Stat line didn’t look bad but he’s been really off IMO.