A Trip Into Central Valley

Another late nighter

So no Cody, Caleb, Devonte’ or Hayward. Assume this is an L but damn that sucks.

Honestly would rather have Cody available tonight than tomorrow

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Yep we lost, that didn’t take long

Memphis up 37 over Houston, so maybe we won’t have the largest spread.

I shouldn’t have posted this so early.

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Why do these refs hate Malik

Really need LaMelo to get aggressive again in the fourth

well it seems 5he blowout is on the way. I expected roster to have a great game but … so far I am wrong

Come on guys let’s win this one, clamp up

Tough physical centers have been our weakness for a decade it seems

Sad hornets fan typing

And Rozier comes crashing back down to Earth…

Wow PJ with the 40 piece

Mannnnn glad I stayed up for this! I think Eric Collins might have orgasmed when the game ended lol



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THAT WAS THE BIGGEST THEFT WE HAVE HAD IN A LOOOOONNNGGG TIME!. How about PJ! I have been talking trash about his effort, but he showed tonight what he is capable of when he exerts consistent effort.

What just happened

What the fuck

I’m stunned! what a game!!!