Fully Martinized vs Lakers game

PJ, Rozier, Ball, Monk, Hayward all out. I think we go full on Martin this game and it’s going to be a fun. Hum diddly dee.


My bet at the starting lineup: DG, Caleb, McDaniels, Bridges, Biyombo (if Drummond is playing)

Hard for me to see a W with that lineup.

Oh my god… just stop it man. Haha But yeah… that sounds about right. What’s MKG up to? Haha

Hey at least I didn’t say our first 5 off the bench lol!

Also, I forgot about Wanamaker. He SHOULD start over Martin, but lineup wise it may be more beneficial to bring him off the bench.

Also, I had no idea Terry has left knee tendinitis. That is a nagging injury, and takes a lot of time to go away. He could be out 6 weeks or more if it is a bad case.

Time to tank, at least get into lottery

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Let’s hope the rest is a precaution so it doesn’t get that bad. And no to the tank. We’ll have Monk coming back hopefully by later this week.

Watch the crew win this puppy. Interesting to hear that Vernon could play some 4 out there with Cody tonight.

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Strong NO to tanking. Yes to going out and getting the W tonight.

A riff on a popular quote

You play to win the lottery

So now Graham is hobbling. Let’s see how many injuries we can get. Do the Martins have another brother?

Wow love watching Caleb Martin turn the ball over.

Holy shit guys Biz caught a pass. And it was a sneaky heater of a pass too! That’s a good omen fellas

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Good to see jalen continue to roll. This is one of the sloppiest nba games I’ve ever seen. Feels like a bad acc game

I can’t stand Lebron James. He was literally just standing all over the court after that dunk. Such an entitled brat.

I’ll never understand why Carey isn’t getting playing time instead of Biz in a game like this

Biz has been pretty good though, to be honest.

By amazing, you mean he’s catching passes. I don’t see anything he’s doing that Carey couldnt.

Well such BS calls there in a row. So now we have to beat the refs too?

This game has been painful to watch at times