Terry Camp and Training Camp 2021

Getting that Greensboro squad rolling? :man_shrugging:

Well since they can keep 20 on the TC roster, it tells me that Sneed and Carton were not additive in the way they need for training camp. But yes, I assume anyone we sign, we do so to potentially fill the Swarm squad with Exhibit 10s or just straight up signings.

Yeah, just TC ends in 10 days, and it appears we still have a lot of players in that evaluation range. But, FO knows better than me.

Carton was a waste of space at camp. I think we realized that in SL but had already signed him.

The Liangelo crowd has their pitchforks out this morning.

Somewhat disagree. He was the better lead guard in SL which honestly was quite surprising for me where I expected thRiller to shine brightly. He’s a point guard and we were a little Sunfish without a skeg w/out one out there. He was rendered useless in TC because of COVID H&S protocols (not sure if he had C19 or was just proximate to someone with but he was rendered unavailable regardless).

He did not show me much worth in Summer League. Maybe I am being harsh. I actually didn’t remember about the protocols stuff.