2022 Draft Night Thread

We still got 45?

What did we give up

Two future 2nds. Maybe what we got for #13? Why not EJ Liddell if he was there? I don’t get anything we are doing generally.

Ok, makes sense

We need a Mcgowns breakdown. I like his size

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I still hate the value for 13 but whatever.

Ok… I’m done being negative. I’m ready to see lobs to Mark Williams!

TV showing Minny had 40, 48, and 50, so maybe they were just selling one of their picks.

Future 2nds

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Dude’s OG Bobcats fan. That’s what’s up.

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And he’s from SC. That’s cool

East they got one of your guys

Souds like we traded 45 to MIN - and of-course, they pick Minott :wink:

Oh well hell. There you go lol

FFS Hornets, what the fork are we doing? https://twitter.com/rodboone/status/1540179192234508290?s=20&t=A3oybxikyYKcZaxpCRmZfQ

Yeah…. I just don’t get it. Seems we are just trading just to trade. Hating the value here,

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From the outside, this looks like Mitch saying “you going to override my coaching hires, have fun with this shitshow”… :not really:

Knicks are always in win now mode, maybe they are betting on that?

Why did Mitch Cho trade the NY 2nd? Like we coulda probably gotten Bryce at 45 anyway?