Gordon Hayward signs with Charlotte - 4 years/120M

This had completely left my expected range of outcomes



Going to have to watch what’s moving out and it’s going to have to exceed 10m. Cody? Terry?

I’m not a fan of the deal at all. Way too much money. And for a team that shouldered the burden of bad contracts that hamstrung us over the last 3 or 4 years, and just got to the light from underneath them, we sign Hayward to a deal for 30M per??? He hasn’t looked the same since his major injury, and he hasn’t been able to stay healthy since. I’m really not feeling this…

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Yeah, I was just messaging with a friend about it and told him its gonna be interesting to see who we move out for him bc we didn’t have the room outright. I wonder if the rumblings about the C’s wanting Rozier back we’re accurate?

If this leaves Nic’s contract on our books, this is fine by me. If this is Nic’s contact, it seems financially irresponsible


Why do I continue to sign up for this abuse. I need to check into a battered spouse clinic.

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Hey at least you expected it! Also I am excited because again it is continued build of the culture. Hayward is a top FA even if he comes with a couple of red flags. He had an excellent season last year and we havedone really well with this staff in taking care of our bodies.

Even though we overpaid, if he performs well it won’t be too bad for us and we are BUILDING something!

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Lol, we’re on the same page, Zig. Just sent this exact statement to my friend. I like Terry, but imo, we gotta move him or Cody. I really want to let Batum’s contract expire here and then we still have cap space next offseason to add a big time FA. I don’t like this deal per se, but if we hold onto Batum, I’m not as upset about it.


Totally agree with you!

Good gracious, we really effin’ wanted this guy (again)

Early thoughts on this…

I believe that we are not done and we will be shifting around quite a bit… could be sign and trade, etc

I like the player… he will play his best ball of his career in year two of this new deal. He is still (relatively) young and despite what some have said on this board, he is a great locker room guy and that’s a big part of why this was Mitch and Mike’s call and design.

I agree that the price is steep… not what I expected at all. In fact, they were tight lipped about this from the beginning…

But hey guys, we got a scoring wing and the FO wants to make the playoffs…we have a shot at it

We might as well go all in! Let’s go!!!

If he performs, it’s not bad at all

If he can be a 20/5/5 guy here, we have a solid team in the East…

His injuries are the issue…

That all makes a lot of sense. And I am really happy to hear about the locker room presence - that’s the thing I feel we have needed in this off-season with my perception we will not bring back Biz on the cheap.

If we are able to move Terry on this, I think it’s actually a really good deal. I don’t want to dissolve any of our 2020/2021 expirings for this though because I want that to come off our books.

Yep, entirely on board. I think it’s the price of doing business.

It’s an overpay for his ability. It’s too many years for a 30 year old wing and it doesn’t fit our timeline.

Aside from that I do like him as a player and he’s a great vet to have on the roster.

Mitch said they’re looking for a veteran guard / wing that can shoot and I guess Hayward is as good a vet as it gets.
And I think it’s cool that Jordan is willing to go into the tax to get a good locker room guy and performer to guide our young team.

It’s the price of doing business in Charlotte… yep

Agree 1000% on not losing Batum’s expiring through this.

One of Terry, Batum or Cody have to be traded or reach a settlement for this to work though.

I have been told there is a plausible solution and will try and find out more.

The thought was a sign and trade and shipping back Terry. We shall see