Gordon Hayward signs with Charlotte - 4 years/120M

This is my fear. This team does this on an olympic or election like schedule.

I like hayward, alot. But not for that contract and definitely not expecting this team to be anything close to an ecg contender

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This would be a really good flip IMO. It would not hurt us next year or beyond financially and we have a scoring wing that easily replaces Terry’s productivity (and I don’t mean that in a diminishing way but think it’s easy to defend) and unlocks the PG logjam.

My issue is, again. I like Hayward, but not at that price tag. He is a 2nd tier player that we just paid like a superstar/1st tier guy. So, my only hope is, we move Terry on a S&T for him, hold onto Batum’s contract, and that Melo far exceeds even the most optimistic expectations. If we can add another star next year, we’re in good shape, but so much hinges on keeping Batum’s contract through expiration and Melo being who we all hope he can be.

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Four year guaranteed contract pretty much says they have time. This is good or bad depending on how we look financially when the chips settle. Right now, until then, I am choosing to be highly optimistic.

I am choosing to be the same way. They obviously have a plan. I will be happy to see what happens and root for these guys til I die

Not mad at him. I wanted Myles Turner from Indiana but Ainge left Hayward twisting in the wind playing hardball. Left the door open for someone to step up with more money.

There’s a lot of chatter on the Twitter that we are waiving and stretching Nic to make this happen. Please Lord tell me that’s not what we are doing here.

Sounds like that is exactly what we are doing.

That would be the absolute worst thing we could do… and just when I started thinking we turned a corner with Mitch in the building. And it sounds like something they’re considering because they were so adamant in the presser about playing Terry with Melo and Graham. Smh…

We cannot possibly be doing that. [insert shouting Michael Scott “No!” meme]

And there you have it. MJ gonna MJ. This franchise just can’t get out of their own fucking way. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the missing piece to a championship - Gordon “17 ppg and I can’t stay on the court” Hayward!

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What would Kemba’s too much to pay for contract have been?

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Take it easy guys, don’t think that’s what’s happening


Today officially ruined any good vibes j had going into this season.

This group has done some dumb things but don’t think this is what this Keith guy is saying it is

I appreciate your optimism, FH, but Woj reported it. It’s done.

Putting my faith in you saying that. That and Rick’s near absolute hit rate of reverse indicator of what we are in fact doing.

It’s Rick’s quote/story

Just got the ESPN alert lol

Still don’t believe it

Unless it does not count against cap

If Mike wants to spend his money that’s fine, if we just want to give away all of our flexibility for a guy that almost had a career ending injury… well then