PJ Washington signed 3 yrs / 48M


Damn you’re quick @sjcollins724,I just got the notification 30 seconds ago.

Nice! Win win. Not too long, not too high, gives us our frontcourt depth, keeps chemistry and continuity going.

And security in case Miles does get a crazy offer that we can’t keep up with.

Good move KupPlotSchnallChak


Finally! 16 a year isn’t bad at all. This worked out much better than I expected.

I will stick by pj not being worth 16m. However way easier to swallow than $20m and way way easier to get by at 3 years.

With the roster holes present if he were to not be resigned, it’s a great FO move. Way to stare him down.

Also, it is a very tradable contract, too.


Personally, I think this is a great deal for all.

  • PJ is 25
  • PJ career 36% 3pt
  • PJ career 1.0 BPG
  • Can play the 4 and small ball 5
  • Hornets only tie up $16m for 3 years
  • It’s insurance for Bridges
  • It’s a contract that can be traded if needed
  • PJ can still earn a huge contract after this as he’ll only be 28 when it expires (gives him both self and team interests to perform)

I would say nice work by the front office on this one.


That’s a great deal for us, and a good contact for him

I just feel with how much players are getting paid these days… it’s not a bad deal at all. We’d be losing a lot if we lost him at this time I think.

There you go. Management stuck to their guns and forced the issue at a reasonable price. Well done! We are going to have an acceptable team this year!

Find a back-up PG (I hope that Frank can play) and I would count this off season as 70% successful. Signing Miles long term and getting a culture setting veteran PF would be good. We still have time - weeks - but we have time.

This is good guys we should be happy.

Very acceptable deal. Good job by mk and the fo.

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Rod Boones tweet said it was “up to” $48M so maybe that’s even based on some incentives. But I think it’s a good deal especially considering the money being thrown around to some lesser players IMO. The front office had the leverage and did the right thing ignoring the media pressure to get PJ signed at a reasonable price.

Thank goodness. Agreed, now find a real backup PG and go win games.

Great deal. Let’s go.

Not Grant Williams level but Steal for a couple years.
2 years ago the lesser player Markkanen got 4/67.
Would think Player option for 3rd year key when cap goes up and price tag 25-30 million a year.
Bigger steal if not.

Eats up most all cap room, but Solidifies frontcourt start of season.

SF Hayward, Miller, Cody
C Mark, Nick, Kai

And Might get 4th frontcourt option PF Miles by game 11 put in rotation replacing Mark or Miller minutes next to 3rd highest paid Hornet.
Klutch going to be calling every night where my Miles minutes, promised him 25+ million again.

This worked out great for us, great contract for us and PJ shouldn’t feel too undervalued either.

Looks like a good compromise deal. More than I wanted to pay, but like the three years. I think a minor overpay is warranted, especially as there are now no viable alternatives.

What do you guys see for PJ Washington the next three years?

Have we already seen his ceiling?

Is there any area he can significantly improve at this age?

It’s tough to gauge. I still think he has all-star potential but it’s going to be a mix of how he works, grows his mental game, is used in the offense, and how others around him to develop.

Probably the thing I’d like to see him do better is be more versatile on the offensive attack and not rely as much on spot up shooting. That being said, if he could increase his 3 consistency, bombs away.

For me, PJ is a player every good team needs on their roster. He’s a great role player who has showed he can also be the guy, if that’s what’s needed. That’s why I think it was so important to sign him. The guy does everything we ask him to do.

I’ve always seen PJ as a solid starter/super 6th man type guy. I don’t view him as a guy with star potential but I totally agree that he’s an important piece that contributes to winning. Very happy that we re-signed him and very pleased with the terms.


7th man. Ability to play the 4 & 5 means you can cut the rotation come playoff time. I think he’ll do better as a featured option on the bench unit, rather than a 4th or 5th option on the first unit of a good team. Happy to have him signed up, content at the cost/length balance.