PJ Washington signed 3 yrs / 48M

I would just like for him to be consistent. He will score 30 one night, then 3 the next, with no rebounds (I know that’s an exaggeration). I don’t mean average 25. Just don’t disappear. I guess he could improve his rebounding. I know his role won’t allow him to put up big numbers. Just be consistent. If he does that, he’ll be ok.

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The league doesn’t believe in PJ as much as we do. His market made that very clear. Capitalism can be a S.O.B. sometimes. PJ holding out for 4 million more and losing is one of those times.

20% off the top! I don’t think that was a win win - PJ clearly lost to the team’s benefit. I do expect PJ to hustle his @ss off to prove the world wrong - again to the team’s benefit.

That said, can I truly be sad for a guy w unimaginable wealth at JUST 16 a year? Not really. I don’t think he should feel sad either.


Team could be very interesting if Mello, Miller, Mark live up to some high expectations.

With PJ solid young foundation for a young playoff top 6…if develops & stays healthy…under contract next 3 years.

PG Ball
SG/F Cody
SF/SG Miller
C Mark
C Nick

Add another couple young projects G NSJ & G McGowan over next 3.

Then we have at least one playoff experienced veteran G Rozier under contract next 3. Even if owners be tight like Mike…Cap space 20 & then 30.

Some details from PJ’s contract structure…very team friendly, declining contract.

By third year, basically will equal the mid level value. Extra couple million with an ever increasing cap definitely helps with future free agents. Mitch still got some tricks in his old bones it seems.

First year salary starts at $16.8M and declines each season ($15.5M and $14.2M).


I love Mitch’s comment! And PJ’s reaction was absolutely perfect too.

Where has this Mitch been?


I loved it too. I’m sure it was a 2 month struggle going back and forth. Glad Mitch kept it real.

PJ prove the world wrong man - do it!

Life is good!

P.J. vs. Miles

While Miles will have the better career, it’s probable that P.J. will have the longer career?

Miles is actually a few months older.

Miles’s physical ability relies on excessive hops/explosiveness whereas P.J.'s relies on length.

Barring massive changes in the league’s style of play, it’s possible that P.J. can play exactly as he does for the next 10 years.


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I buy that take. Players who rely on explosiveness often flounder when they lose it, as they have never had to develop the skills necessary to beat superior athletes.

I generally agree with this line of thought, although I do think Miles has developed a skill set. He has incorporated a reliable 3-ball into his game which he will be able to rely upon to extend his career even after his explosiveness starts to wane. I do think he’s more than just an athletic dunker at this point, but I do agree that it’s his elite athleticism that allows him to be an above average player.

That’s how I feel about Jokic. I feel he’s going to be good for a really long time, since his game is not based on athleticism at all.

I hope that Miles has developed more and doesn’t rely on it as much, so we’ll see. But PJ does seem like that glue guy who could play forever and be affective.