Roster Assessment

Trying to sketch out a plan. Post yours.

  1. Gordon Hayward|$31,500,000|I’d treat him exactly like Mason Plumlee. Keep him around while "It's Miller Time!" gets his NBA legs, and then trade him mid-season for a team looking to add a dynamic veteran for a short term playoff push.

  2. Terry Rozier|$23,205,221| I don’t mind him providing some veteran moxy for another year or two. He’ll likely be a coveted trade target in year 3 and 4 of his contract as teams look for a spark in the backcourt. I’m also fine with trading him this summer for a player that fits better.

  3. LaMelo Ball|$10,900,635| Rolling.

  4. Cody Martin|$7,560,000| Want to see this guy healthy.

  5. FA: PJ Washington|$7,992,407| I still want to keep him at a good price. Need to keep him engaged and motivated.

  6. James Bouknight|$4,570,080| I’m fine keeping him around another season to prove himself. I’m also fine trading him for a future asset.

  7. Mark Williams|$3,908,160| Clear building block.

  8. Kai Jones|$3,047,880| I can go either way. Love the guy, but I want to see that he can be relied on to play in our system without harming the play of others.

  9. Nick Richards|$5,000,000| Love that we signed him. Work horse backup C that can even provide some spark.

  10. JT Thor|$1,836,096| Most intriguing player. He has to get more consistent from 3. If he does, he could be a poor man’s Tayshaun Prince for us.

  11. Bryce McGowens|$1,719,864| Love that we signed him. Think he can be a terrific 2/3 bench player for us with the potential to start.

  12. "It's Miller Time!": SF of future

  13. Nick Smith: question mark guard: boom or bust.

  14. Theo Maledon|$1,761,752|

Don’t need these guys:

  • Xavier Sneed|$547,349|
  • Kobi Simmons|$2,066,585|

FAs: Miles Bridges, Dennis Smith Jr.

Total $90,861,870

PG: Ball, Nick Smith, Maledon,
SG: Rozier, McGowens, Bouknight
SF: Miller, Hayward, Martin
PF: Washington,Thor
C: Williams, Richards, Kai

  • I’d like to see DSJr sign a 2 year deal up to $8M per year. We clearly have need for a legit backup pg, and he fills the role and has embraced the team.
  • I think as of this minute, I’m less inclined to sign Miles as I was an hour ago.
  • If Nick Smith pans out, I’d be for trading Rozier for a PF that gives us depth at the 4.
  • If we decide not to sign Miles, I’d be interested bringing back Oubre, especially if we trade away Rozier.

I do think I’m higher than pretty much anybody on resigning Oubre. In February and March, he was playing some very good basketball. (He was super fun to watch the last month of the season when we were beating teams with playoff ambitions.) He also shows that he can hit big shots and relished the opportunity. I could see him being a starting SG for a playoff team, though he does have to get better defensively. He can shoot 3s and drive it to the rim and doesn’t need the ball in his hands a lot to be a contributer offensively. Could be a great option between Melo and Miller.


Really good post and I mostly agree.

I’d actively try to get rid of Bouknight, though. We now have a plethora of young wing players, who need our focus.

I like Kelly too, and if he could play the #4 I’d sign him. But, as above, we just don’t need anymore wings unless they are plus defenders. Cody’s health is key here.

Ball, DSJ, Theo or exp culture vet?
Terry, Cody, Smith
Hayward, Miller, Bryce
PJ, exp culture vet?, Thor
Williams, Richards, Kai

Plus our two-ways.

Terry stays, unless we can trade him for a good PF or 3&D SG, emphasis on the D.

Agree with Hayward getting the Mason treatment.

On PJ, the one part of a players game that usually develops with time, is consistency. That’s got to be the hope with him.

It was was super quiet around here when Miller got drafted. Y’all are setting yourselves up to be f’ed up again when we announce Miles’ resigning. Ignore the reports - like you did w the Miller reports - but that won’t change the fact that Miles is a clear priority in the FO.

If Nick Smith is our back up then we are trying to win the lottery again. That guy should go no where near the team (like Bouk and Scottie Lewis) for his first year. Talk about a giant scoring target to pick on for the other team.

No way in heck should Miller (like Scoot) start. No way unless you want to fry your your prize draftee under a microscope and increase the possibility of shaking his confidence. Funk summer league and limit Miller’s minutes!

How long are we going to let Bouk occupy a roster spot? He’s had two years to become a contributor (even at the point!) and he has not stepped up. Plus w Bryce and Miller, there is no need for Bouk or his attitude.

We need Miles, DSJ and we need a defender/shooter in free agency. That is doable.

Good post

Agree with most

Miles will be back (until he is not of course) but I completely am convinced he is going to start game 1.

I think we’re all expecting him to be resigned. There are simply some of us who don’t want him to be. Those are not mutually exclusive views. Frankly, I’ll be shocked if they don’t bring him back.

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Agree here. Unless he gets a high offer, I suspect they will match. I would prefer signing a similarly talented and priced FA.

We might check into Kuzma but I think he might get north of 25 per year .
Him and Bridges have all most the exact same stats. The last year Bridges played

I think Oubre is worth keeping over Cody Martin no question. Oubre really increased his steals per game last year too, I think. We can turn into a very good 3 pt. shooting team if these guys stay healthy and keep gaining chemistry.
Ball, Rozier, Oubre, PJ, Miller
** hopefully Miles and DSJ 3 pt shot improve too. Gordon 3 pt. shot needs to improve too, he had some bad stretches last year where he couldn’t get them to fall.

Bouknight lit up G-league, he’s closer than people think, especially if he gets a full offseason and stays healthy. Brice too needs good offseason and weight room.

My issue with Oubre is 31.9% last year shooting from 3. Career 33.0%. We need better. Cody and even McGowens have shown they can beat that. Rozier’s 3 pt. % is low too, but not that low.


I like Kelly a fair amount, too. But we have a glut of Wings already under contract and, short of a trade, I don’t see how we’d have either the roster space or cap room for him.

Move Terry or Hayward for a starting PF, then we can talk about bringing Kelly back.

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My problem with Kelly is that he is a negative if he is not creating for himself.

Meaning that he really isn’t as much of a tram okayer as it may seem like from the outside due to the fact that he is not a good playmaker for others.


Great exercise and thanks for starting the thread. I’ll use your same format.

Guys I’m really high on:

Terry Rozier|$23,205,221|- As most people know, I’m generally higher on Terry than most. One of the most clutch guys in the league and imo, a better defender than he’s generally given credit for. I don’t view him as a terrible misfit with LaMelo. Whatever we’re able to do, he’ll be a critical piece of it. Would only move him if we’re clearly getting equal value in return, which I doubt we would.

LaMelo Ball|$10,900,635|- Obviously a cornerstone but anxious to see if he can take the next step towards superstardom. He seemed to have elevated his game beyond his all-star season in limited action last year. Need to see him play an injury free year though or else paying him the full bag will be scary.

Cody Martin|$7,560,000| - Even though I liked Caleb more, I love what Cody brings to the table. Great defender and had developed a respectable offensive game before the injury. I hope we can get him back on the court soon.

Mark Williams|$3,908,160| - Wish we’d gotten him on the court more earlier last year. Future is bright. I think he has all-star potential, but interested to see how high his ceiling is.

Nick Richards|$5,000,000|- Love Nick and glad we locked him in cheap for the next few years. High level back up player.

Miles Bridges [Ideal salary 20m]- Disgusted by his actions like we all are but I do think he’s extremely talented and has all-star ability. Like most, I’d want to build in protections to any contract, but I do hope he re-signs from a talent perspective.

Kelly- [Ideal salary 15m]

I’m right there with you on Kelly. I’ve always been extremely high on him as a microwave scorer. Despite what a couple of recent articles have suggested, I think there’s still a place for him here even with the addition of Miller. He’s an ideal 6th man and is more than adequate as a spot starter. Defense and offensive decision making was much improved last year. Don’t know if FO agrees but I’d love to have him back. And I love that he wants to be back.

DSJ [Ideal salary 7m]- Found money last year. Will cost more to keep around but worth it for all he brings to the table as a gritty defender and facilitator and timely scorer.

Miller- Didn’t really have a strong preference between him and Scoot but slightly leaned towards Miller due to fit. Love his upside and skill set. Excited to see him in action.

McGowens- Nice young, inexpensive player with potential.

Theo Maledon|$1,761,752|- I was really impressed with Theo last year. Way better than I expected. Great facilitator and sneaky good scorer. Would love to have him back on a minimum deal as PG3, but I don’t think he’ll have a difficult time finding a team that can offer more money and a bigger role given how well he played for us.

Svi- Would love to have Svi back on a minimum deal. Great depth guy and insurance scorer.

Nick Smith- Love his upside. Great late round pick.

Kai- I actually liked what I saw from Kai last year. There was a brief stretch where he was getting consistent minutes and I felt he was contributing. He was blocking shots, making energy plays, effectively using his athleticism to score garbage buckets around the rim and noticeably injecting energy and enthusiasm into the team, and then all of a sudden he just stopped playing and Thor became a permanent fixture in the rotation. I never saw exactly what Thor did to earn that or what Kai did to lose it. People have described him as being a deer in headlights, but he just looked like a guy who just needed to play to me. I still think he can be a contributor.

Guys I’m lukewarm on:

James Bouknight|$4,570,080|- I’m one of the dwindling few who still believes in Bouk. I absolutely believe the guy has talent. I just question whether his lack of maturity and poor decision making will ever allow him to pull it all together. The problem now is that he’s so far down the depth chart that there may no longer be an opportunity for him to show it. All the injuries last season presented a perfect opportunity and he didn’t seize it. Disappointing because I do believe he’s a skilled offensive player.

JT Thor|$1,836,096|- As mentioned above, I would prioritize Kai over Thor. While he did a better job making shots the last 10 or so games of the season, his offensive development has been disappointing for the most part, and his calling card, which had been defense, seemed to regress as well. Unless he develops into a legit 3-D wing, I don’t see that he has much value going forward.

Really like them but just can’t do it:

Gordon Hayward|$31,500,000|- think we should waive Hayward. When healthy he’s been really good. Unfortunately, we just didn’t see that enough and at this point it doesn’t matter anymore. We know he’s not a part of our future and you kinda have to assume he’ll be unavailable for some portion of the season anyway. I don’t think a trade would likely yield more than a 2nd + filler, and besides, matching salaries would be tough to accomplish without either taking back more years or multiple players, which isn’t really an option due to the roster. I think the value of opening up a roster spot outweighs whatever his production might be in the time he’ll actually play next year. Plus I’d rather invest those reps in Miller’s development because if he’s here and actually healthy, we know Cliff will play him heavy minutes.

PJ Washington|$7,992,407| - This one hurts because I really like PJ, but I just don’t know how we re-sign him AND Miles. PJ has always been steady and is more consistently good than advertised. If he could be had in the 12-14 range I think we’d all love him back, but that number will likely be north of 15 and possibly closer to 20, and I just don’t see how we can do that.

Final Roster
PG: Melo, DSJ, Maledon
SG: Terry, Kelly, Smith, Bouk
SF:Miller, Cody, Svi, McGowens
PF: Miles, Kai, Thor
C: Williams, Richards

The thing I keep coming back to is our potential 25 and under roster for next season.

|Williams|Richards|Kai |Nnaji|

This assumes we resign DSJ and Theo, which I would be a fan of, and Miles … less said about that the better (sub PJ in for a non vomit inducing roster).

I’m not suggesting this roster alone can take us to the promised land of the second round, but it’s a damn good starting point. I think we’re certainly two, at the most three, player upgrades away from that, the season after this coming one.

The first and toughest to get being a starting level, plus defender, at the 2 guard in place of Terry. Secondly, one good (6th/7th man) rotation level wing/forward in place of Hayward. Finally, Cody either makes a Caleb type jump or makes way for a (8th/9th man) rotation level wing/forward. This last spot could go to one of Bryce, Smith, Thor or Kai if they really develop.

Upgrade those two, maybe three spots, and we’re looking like a genuine playoff team in the first year of LaMelo’s big money deal, IMHO.

I think PJ showed the most improvement last year and was playing lights out last 3rd of the season. He’s the best 3 pt. shooter on our team in my opinion and helps in the paint. Bring him back and get Miles on cheap, hopefully. Then you can run a big powerful lineup if needed sometimes. Miles at 3, PJ at 4 and either William/Richards a 5. This allows for a lot of rim protection and toughness. Or Miles could back up PJ at 4 until he shows his game is back to form. Miller is a skinny weak rookie so gonna take him a year or two to become dominant. Really hope Bouknight gets full summer league and training camp. I think he will make big leap with more opportunities. He can get his shot anywhere on floor and hit 3’s. Let him and Brice battle for starting SG once Rozier contract is up and I’m a huge Rozier fan. Totally agree Oubre is a keeper that can play and guard SG and SM and perfect back to produce points and steals. He needs 20 min a night and can start if needed no problem. I actually think you could trade Rozier and keep Oubre as starting SG and be just fine which allows for more minutes for Bouknight and Brice. Then we are long and athletic at all 5 positions.

Miles hasn’t played basketball in a year, I doubt he’s going to play well at all for a while. Hopefully he can pick things up as the year goes on.

I would count on being pretty underwhelmed by miles bridges this year.

Miles and the Hornets are far apart on a deal so he signed the qualifying offer to become a free agent next year per Rich Paul his agent.

I think we should be more excited about the roster this year than last year at this time. We didn’t have a disastrous offseason. The roster is set pending PJ and Theo. We are done w 80% of our off season moves.* Time to start looking forward!

Believe it or not we have a workable squad!

Melo Frank Theo
Terry Bryce Miller Cody Theo NSJ
Hayward Miller Bryce Cody Miles PJ NSJ
Miles PJ Thor
Mark Nick Kai

It wasn’t a big break but things did break our way this year.

*We have viable tradable assets: Gordo’s huge contract, Terry and to a lesser extent Bouknight, Kai, Cody and maybe even PJ. We have a workable foundation.

So it begins with the injuries.

Son. Of. A . Bitch