Off Season to do list

I wanted to start a thread to see what you alls thoughts would be on how to straighten the team out this offseason. I know alot have their own opinions so shoot. I myself want Ayton to pair with Melo. The Suns need players and we have players and salaries to match, Gordon, Bouknight and Richards are all players they can use. Frees us up 2 roster spots while bringing the gang back.

Melo, DSJ, Malden
Rozier, OBJ, Bryce,
Miller, Bridges, Martin (I don’t trust his knees)
PJ, Thor, Free Agent signing
Ayton, Williams, Kai

I also like Jalen Smith the pf from the Pacers that could fit into the backup pf spot as he has fallen out of the rotation in Indy.

oh boy, buckle up

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I actually like Williams more than Ayton

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Same. And he’s way, way cheaper.

BTW, I don’t think a trade w/ Gordon outgoing and an Ayton-sized salary incoming would allow for any other contracts in the trade as they basically make the same dollar amount.

Think we could swing Lopez for the mle? I think it’d be good to add some 3pt shooting from the 5 spot.

Y’know… the guy we should have taken instead of DJ Augustin. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I like Williams also but if you can get Ayton and have Williams as well why not. He could learn from Ayton while both have 3 years left on their contracts and we have a center rotation maxing out at 39 mill. At the end of the 3 years may the best man get the money.

It doesn’t seem like that’s been the narrative in Phoenix. There may be some shenanigans there where they wanted to upend his contract bargaining last year. But if Monty wouldn’t even talk to him, that’s a bad start for him to come here as a mentor for a guy that seems great as-is.

We all have different takes and ideas for how to improve the roster. But I simply don’t understand this one. I can’t see any positive to it.

The holy grail in the NBA is a starter on a rookie scale contract. We have that in Williams. He’s a walking double double. Seemingly a low maintenance guy, with a quiet professionalism about him. The absolute last thing that should happen is his minutes getting reduced to that of a backup, especially for multiple years, even more so by bringing in a big money Centre who’s also fairly young.

I wouldn’t be totally against the idea of getting an experienced vet mentor for Williams. Brook Lopez has the kind of game Williams will be aiming for, so I could possibly get talked into that … maybe. Still wouldn’t like the minutes Mark would loose. An older vet makes a bit more sense with Nnaji now in the development pipeline, too. Wouldn’t hurt Kai either. Richards would likely go the other way in some sort of sign and trade deal I would assume. Anyway, Brook would probably be too expensive … enough with that.

Hard, hard no to Ayton. Way too much money on a player who would get in the way of Williams’ progress. We need to spend money on the PF position, not duplicating quality at a position of relative strength.


I really don’t want to sign a veteran center. We all know Clifford will love him and there goes William’s minutes. Mason Plumlee anyone… Jaxson Maxiel… that’s the last thing I want.