Roster Assessment

Frank’s contract is mostly non-guaranteed, sucks for him but they could probably cut ties if he isn’t in shape by end of training camp and either double down w/ Theo or make a soft run at Ty Ty Washington for giggles.

While still Short 4 million minimum.

I’m ok with this with our guard situation, even with NSJ. Pick up TyTy of waiver, cut Frank about equal on current cap.

Then Have to decide on 10/31 to pay 2.4 next year or Bouknight 6 million. And would Cost 2.4 million more guaranteed to cut Bouknight this year.

Had not heard about TyTy but I hope that Frank can make the team. We need his defense. What!?!? Had NO IDEA we were under the league minimum! Mind boggling. New ownership is being very cautious.

Is an el cheapo backup PF somewhere in Oklahoma:

“The Thunder has to make four more roster cuts ahead of regular season play to hit the legal amount of rostered players. Davis Beratans, Usman Garuba, Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, Victor Oladipo and Jack White are likely the guys to be fighting for the final roster spot.”


Clearly there are cheaper PJ alternatives out there. Looks like the league knows this!

Who in the heck is Jack White?!?! I know the singer but the bball player - nope!

Dang. And I Had us over 31.5
Now hoping fill up roles with players cant even make Thunder roster or some other teams scraps.

I’d like to have a good look at Ty Ty. I quite liked him in the draft. Let him and Theo battle it out for Hornets/Swarm minutes. Dump Bouknight if we end up facing a roster crunch, down the line.

Is this guy a bust?

Coming out of the draft, he was billed as a very good defender, but not much to speak of offensively. Haven’t really seen anything of him since then to have an informed opinion.

The one thing I would say is OKC have so many young players, they can’t develop all of them.

He’s going to be on his 3rd team in 3 years. Not good. Maybe he’s just a 3rd string kind of guy. I loved reading all of the speculation about him being in the NBA but then I would watch the “highlights” and become skeptical over and over again. Good that we didn’t draft him. Great pass Mitch.

Is it really THIS easy?

Beloved easy going talented Melo
Unknown Young promising 2
It’s Miller Time! (After a year or two of development)
In yo face Miles
Hoping beyond hope for Mark (he’s 7-1!)

Bench consisting of PJ, Bryce and/or maybe Thor, Theo and NSJ rotating in and out.

Is it as easy as finding a 2 to have a really bright future at every position? Are we a Terry or Gordon trade away from filling that 2 spot w young talent?

Maybe our foundation pieces are a lot more promising than what we are seeing. Maybe we have the best young talent in the league.

This roster is deep and most have started at least afew times.
I think at point Melo starts without question with Terry backing him up . I think Theo makes the team as insurance the 3rd point. Just my guess.
At s/g position Terry will start with Miller or Martin as the back ups along with NSJ.
At The small foward Miles will start with Hayward as the back up. Cutting Hayward to 18 to 20 mins per game. This is done to keep him rested and on the floor with less chance for him to get hurt. Miller will get burn hear all so.
At power foward PJ will start with Miles as the back up. Hayward might get some burn hear when needed
At the five Williams gets the start with Richards the back up. PJ will get a little burn hear as a small ball five.
Thor , Bryce, Kai and NSJ ,Bouknight all not getting regular roration play.
I see thease guys as a sixth seed in the playoffs if not fifth.If healthy. You might be like the rest of the league and think thease guys suck . But i think this team will be a tough out to beat ever game . Coaching is my main worry.

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The roster is fairly deep, but it’s not very well balanced and lacks (proven) quality. If NSJ or Bailey can develop their PG skills at the Swarm, that would help ease the roster crunch at 2 guard spot. I’d love a trade to bring in some D and/or genuine SF height/length.

My hope is Bailey, NSJ, Bryce, Thor & Kai (Nnaji if he’s here over Kai) all play big Swarm minutes in Hornet applicable roles/system.

With PJ depth in front-court good.
But bigs not why won only 27 games last year.

Injuries a factor not discounted…especially to star Mello…and then the

#29 3p %
#29 FG%
#27 111 points per game

But no balance as stated, Back up Guards still a mess.
Guess hoping Bouknight becomes playable and not forced to do something.

Would be kinda complicated but hope the rotation is something like this, don’t want to see "It's Miller Time!" playing less than 25mpg a night

PG: LaMelo 36MPG/Terry 12MPG
SG: Terry 20MPG/ Cody Martin 18MPG/B.Miller 10MPG
SF: Gordon 25MPG/ B.Miller 19 MPG/ Miles 4MPG
PF: Miles 26MPG/ PJ 22 MPG
C: Mark 30MPG/ PJ 8MPG/ Nick 10MPG

It is going to be hard to set line ups . Mello ,Terry and Williams are the ones I feel like will start.
The log jam comes from Miller. Gordon, Miles, PJ, Martin

I am for giving Miller some burn at the two to see how that works out. I would like to take Hayward out of the starting line up and let him lead the second unit playing around 20 per game . For his health and our devolopment.
Terry and Melo I would like to keep to around 32per game
Last Miles will get 32 and PJ will get around 26.
It will be hard to distribute for sure. Cliff needs to get it right early.

Currently our Starting lineup when healthy/no suspension is either Lamelo, Terry, Gordon, Miles, Mark OR Lamelo, Terry, Miles, PJ, Mark.

I personally think we would be better off going with Gordon at SF as I feel Miles is most effective at PF.

The only thing I feel that could change this is if Miller forces our hand with great play. I sure hope that happens lol.

Well this more creative than anything I’ve ever thought of so who knows? If none of us believe in Gordon then I don’t think the new owners believe in him either so it will be interesting to see how they capitalize on his expiring contract.

I have accepted this statement. Even if Frank makes it back, he’s still not going to be that great. Terry just doesn’t seem to be a good PG PLUS if we want to win in the playoffs, then Terry needs rest. Who is our back up 2? Anyone dynamic?

Yeah I think I will recant my statement about having an acceptable squad. Not resolving the backup PG and SG issues, along w rolling w Gordon and relying on young/unproven guys (Miller, NSJ, Bouknight, Kai, Theo, Thor) equals too many questions.

Agreed. But I might not be the most creative roster strategist.

Dang it! We could very well be back on track to complete for winning the lottery again. D@mn.

What about a starting five of Melo, Martin, Miles, PJ, Williams
A strong bench of Terry,NSJ, Miller , Hayward, Richards
After about twenty games we try to start Miller at the two. Playing Hayward less Mins gives him a better chance of staying healthy. I all so think he would be a good glue guy to help with the second unit,

Starting Cody Martin over Rozier would be tough to do. More likely Rozier is an early sub out and plays backup PG minutes when Lamelo comes out. I get where you are coming from but that could be ugly quick offensively.

Cody have mobility to play guard after injury?
Sure used to get some reserve minutes at SG, but when significant time needed we played Oubre or Caleb, even Hayward or Bouknight a couple games.

I would really like a starting line up of Melo, Miller , Miles , PJ, Williams
With Terry as the super sixth man

Want build minutes around longterm committed to team and/or Want to be here.

PG Ball
G Terry, F/G Cody
G/F Miller
C MW, C Nick
Key to how good remains how far max player Ball & Miller can take us.
Intrigue longterm Projects mostly see Swarm time: G NSJ, G/F McG

Clifford fav JT can be somewhat bearable has a couple more years on Jalen-like curve.

Rest garbage, crippled, one & doners…move alongers.

Which of course means Hornets make them keys, take away longterms minutes, & and we overpay and/or Klutch finally gets a big bag of $ elsewhere.

G Bouknight
F Hayward
F Miles
F/C Kai.

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