Roster Assessment

Completely agree. With new ownership, this is more feasible, though we all know it won’t happen.

Miles is the obvious anomaly.

That said, add his name, and you’ve got yourself a pretty viable 8-man rotation.

With Frankie’s injury, do we to into the preseason with Theo on a QO as the on-paper backup PG?

I think that’s where we’re at.

I still harbour hopes for a Delon Wright trade, but don’t see a realistic path for it. He is the profile of player I want for that role … can run the point when LaMelo’s off the court, as well as complement LaMelo when they’re on the court together. The fact he would also dovetail well with Terry is a plus, as I don’t see the front office moving Terry.

I might overrate Delon, but I think he’d be a huge plus … as long as his age doesn’t begin to catch-up with him.

Is Rondo available? Veteran leader, has championship pedigree, was seen as a good mentor to younger players.

Still can play a good 15 minutes per game, high IQ, keeps in perfect shape. Can teach Melo some PG tricks. Would be much better than Tony Parker was when he was here.

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I don’t hate it? :man_shrugging:t2:

If he’s sold on a low minute bench role, he could be a good vet addition. He’d certainly command resect from day 1. Why not? Sign Rondo and Theo, wave Frank.

I heavily doubt that Rondo would be better for us than Parker was lol, he was really good for us. If he would be better than Parker was for us he would still be in the league

How do we know Rondo can still give you 15 good mins per game?

I would like Rondo of 4 years ago, not sure abkut current Rondo.

I mean Rondo is a dang coaching candidate at this point lol


For a player only played for us one year & 52 games. Need some big time burn for us to justify our hatred.

If Cody fucking Martin is playing more than Miller, I’m out forever

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Not just him but yes Clifford is a major major concern

I fully expect Miller to get eased into his minutes, and have zero issues with it. There is no need for him to start out the season playing north of 24 minutes. He’s a rookie who needs to earn his minutes. If you give anything away for free, it has no value.

That said, he absolutely needs to be given what he earns and not held back through short term thinking. That’s my Cliff concern. Miller’s a team first player who looks to make the right plays, not the highlight plays, so I’m sure he’ll find good minutes soon enough.

What if he earns 24 mins off the bat? I say theres no reason to say there is no reason he shouldn’t get those minutes. He was the best player in College bball and fills a big gap for us on both ends of the floor.

That would be great. It all comes down to the word I highlighted in bold. If he earns it, he should get it. But I’m not going to be moaning at Cliff if he starts out with 16 mins a night for the first couple of weeks, and it goes up from there. I will, however, moan if his minutes don’t climb if his play warrants it.


Miller play any defense at guard/wing?

Hornets law, Founding out.

One and done Hayward not getting hurt contract year, with Miles & Gordon play 70 minutes a game, Miller time less than MKG time, just reverse… Offense/no defense.

I would say 15 minutes was earned when we drafted him #2. I am hesitant on Cliff but he plays guys that he feels are ready. See Dwayne Bacon.

If Cody Martin is above him in the rotation that will be a real disappointment. Brandon should be backup SF day 1 at minimum. (I Know Cody plays guard too).

Starting spot should be earned, but IMO with the investment the Hornets made in him, guaranteed minutes come with that investment.

Even Lamelo had to wait until Graham got hurt in order to get the minutes he had “earned”.

20 min. And he should start and behavior aside he should have a super long leash. This team is atrocious with handling rookies.

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And who is good w rookies? Houston and Detroit are eternal flame dumpster fires. That doesn’t seem ideal. Maybe one can point to the Spurs. Looking at recent history we did pretty good w Mark, Melo, Miles and PJ. Malik is the questionable one and he just didn’t fit. It happens.

Operative word there was handling.

The absolutely mishandled mark last year. They typically sacrifice rookie learning for treadmill success. Clifford historically does this.

A draft pick like miller needs a ton of minutes (even if it means a potential loss here or there) and a huge leash to learn through mistakes. He is the #2 pick and could have been a #1 in most other drafts. You need him up and running full steam by year 3 and 4 of his rookie deal . Or he needs the opportunity to prove himself a “bust” in terms of superstar

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Who pick the key.
Until recently, team horrible at picks. Besides the 2021 mess, as many playables as b4 Mitch.

New owner Spending on training and other amenities, improve stamina & health & strength growth. As most rooks need at least half a season NBA conditioning b4 hurting themselves.