2021-2022 season (Other)

Man, I assumed they’d have some protections on an extension for him. Can you have protections and a designated max or is this agent max talk where that’s the upper bound but there’s a lot of ways that it falls before 207m?

that rookie supermax criteria really hard to reach
all the eligible star players last decade, only one did, Paul George
but some serious contenders coming up…Trae and Doncic, SGA to lesser degree, MJP at the least

I just now realized Clifford is with the Nets

Two things today.

First 538 projected the Hornets to finish 12th in the East with a 33 & 49 record.

Second Hollinger posted his 21-22 Hornets preview and he projects the Hornets to be 10th. But he said something interesting.

The key was how much shooting they had on the floor with those groups. The Hornets weren’t good at much else — they were a bottom-10 team in 2-point shooting and a top-10 team in turnover rate — but they could shoot. Charlotte ranked 14th in 3-point accuracy and seventh in frequency, numbers that spiked in that four-game grouping with Washington at five (the Hornets shot 41 percent on 3s and launched them at a well-beyond league-leading rate). While their other centers and deep subs couldn’t stretch the floor, and Ball was an iffy proposition as well, five core players — Hayward, Rozier, Washington, Graham and Malik Monk — shot 37.5 percent or better from 3 on significant volume.

This resonates with me. Basically the team replaced shooting with depth and long term development guys.

Seems very promising for the Hornets to be able to retain our Bridges for something below what expectations were just a week ago of similar money