The rest of the association: off season 2022

What’s going on in Brooklyn?

Yeah people started posting NY stuff on the Miles thread. Chaos.

I think this thread should go in the “Around the NBA” dining area.

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Kyrie picks up player option, stays in Brooklyn

I so hope I get to read the headline that the Lakers traded LeBron + 3 2nds to the nets for kd.

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I read a post by a Lakers fan an hour ago, and they think they could’ve signed Kyrie to a 1 year 6.5M deal, lmaoo. I appreciate how great the community is here, truly enjoyable to discuss with you guys!!


I will just put this trade hear thoughts.
Charlotte out
Oubre, Plumlee ,the first we just got and 2 seconds
Atlanta out , Collins
Ball, Terry Miles, Washington, Collins
Terry, Martin, McDaniels Thor Williams
Bouknight… Kai
Just noticed we 12 deep

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Collins at 5? His frame is a little thin. Think he could hold up physically against some of the bigger centers in the league? I like the versatility that would give, and certainly have no issue moving Plumlee, but I think I would rather have a true 5.

Wonder if he lands in LA

It’s LA thats what it’s all about. They will either trade Westbrook or buy him out.

I’m not convinced it’s that LA team Dav.

I was thinking we have M Williams and Kai Jones to go big. Washington can play a small ball five and even switch with Collins on the play. Plus we would have rwo rookies to play bigger.

I still think they would try to move Westbrook after Wall come in . Something like Hayward and a filler. But i think you got it saying LA.

Seems like you’re right

Seems like all I hear is how much LAC need a facilitator. And now rumor mill has that Nic might have eyes for the Sixers which hurts that even more.

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So now that LAL is on the hook for 47.1 for Westbrook next year, can they really work a trade? I’m skeptical

Gordo is looking alot sexier to them

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I’m having a hard time parting with Gordon for Westbrook, but I could probably be convinced

I will give you 30+ million reasons but you will have to wait a year

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Ish is on the move

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He’s never played in DEN I don’t think - that makes him a record setter. Don’t know anyone has ever played for 13 different franchises.

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