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Counting down to the “trade Towns for aham sandwich” calls.

This is such a Hornets thing. Should have traded for him.

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Who does Ainge sell off now? Jazz are 2-0

What’s wrong with the 76ers? They lost to the Spurs, what an upset. I bet someone got really rich from that bet.

Fair amount of words spent talking about Embiid’s body language being very off and there’s concern there, especially this early in the season.

Can we take advantage of the turmoil there?

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4-1 now. Personally, I want Rudy Gay to Boston using the Hernangomez TPE the C’s have.

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Primo from the Spurs was waived after the team exercised his rookie extension two weeks ago. Wonder what happened there, must’ve been very serious.


“It is our hope that, in the long run, this decision will serve the best interest of both the organization and Joshua,” Spurs CEO R.C. Buford said in a statement.

That smells of something very rotten in Denmark.

This helps to frame it. Can only say glad he’s seeking help.

if it doesn’t show in the tweet properly

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The more I marinate on this, the less sense it makes - why waive him if this is about a mental health issue? Unless he asked to be waived, it seems tremendously strange.

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My speculation is that something must have happened between Primo and Pop / Team due to the mental health issue. If it is personal, I don’t see a reason why a team would let go of a player they already paid for.

I’m guessing it’s the type of thing where the behavior was inexcusable, even if resulting from mental health, and so they had to do something significant. If they didn’t see him contributing and perhaps would have been a distraction, makes sense to cut and move on.

Apparently he exposed himself to hotel housekeeping in Milwaukee

Nash canned

Ime about to be coach of Nets now

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Finally, crazy $$$ spent by other NBA teams…but this being 2nd highest paid coach one of nuttiest.

JB only got only 4.6 million
Over/under how much Nash being paid not to coach?23 million?

Would love for Nash to consult with us. While his style is different than Melo’s, I think he’d have a lot to teach him.


Funny i thought the same thing. And i don’t think it’s a crazy reach as a favor for last year with Cliff as an advisor to Nash’s staff.