Rest of the Association: 23 Off-season

Nuggets are the champ now it’s time for everyone’s favorite time of the year the off-season

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If they waive Isaac, are there many NBA teams that would be willing to guarantee more than vet minimum money on him with his injury history?
See how easy it is, Mitch. Trading 13 last year still infuriates me.


zinger for brogdon is a good change out for the celtics without really messing anything up

Ok so if i have this right… the revised trade is Boston getting Porzingis, Washington getting Gallo/Muscala and Tyus Jones, Memphis getting Marcus Smart and several picks going around the horn. I like Smart to Memphis, and Wash got a good one on their new timeline with Jones. Seems good all around.

Melo could spend all day shooting over Jones. The Wiz are dumb but not that dumb. I expect them to go for Anthony Black in the draft and flip 3 of their current 4 or 5 PGs. I am also guessing that a 27 year old Jones is too old to be their stating PG of the future.

“Nevertheless, expect there to be considerable interest in Jones, and expect the Wizards to cash in on him as a trade asset sooner than later since his contract is expiring after the 2023-24 season anyway. Teams such as the Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat (should Gabe Vincent leave), and the San Antonio Spurs could very well be on the hunt for an upgrade at the point, so pursuing Jones makes a ton of sense for them.”

Source: Wizards' PG situtation post-Tyus Jones trade sparks more trade speculation

This deal is much less favorable for Boston but I get it.

They need someone to occupy embiid on the defensive end

Read the full trade. I get it. The griz had to replace ja for the first third of the season.

The picks to Boston help, but they are going to miss smart

Luxury tax sell off starts.
Poole 4/128 for Paul 1/30, probably saved GS close to a billion.

Only took 4 straight years of threatening to trade him lol

I feel like I say this every cba and cap increase, things like this are exactly why the hornets should maintain flexibility unless they are going all I for a conference finals team

And this is all they got. Pretty much game him away. What a waste.

It was a salary dump. They’ve been trying to trade him since before they gave him that extension.

The metric has changed with the new CBA.

I get that you don’t share the view at how we limit ourselves with trades without large contracts. But we have to at least get to the cap, less we forfeit the tax distribution. There’s really no value in being under the cap anymore.

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Watched a YouTube video too saying that it was a salary dump because of a new apron provision in the new CBA. It was also stated that Utah will look to dump his salary in a couple of years. The guy also said that Atlanta did itself a disservice w John’s extension in the first place but we all know that!

  1. The new tax apron is possibly the most important aspect of this deal. Teams operating in the luxury tax will now be met with a new hurdle: a second apron line of $17.5 million over the luxury tax line that introduces restrictions on roster construction. This mechanism is meant to penalize teams such as the Bucks, Clippers and Warriors, all of whom are paying deep into the tax for championship contenders this year. Teams that exceed this apron will not be allowed to use their taxpayer mid-level exception, cannot sign buyout players during the season and cannot take more money back in trades.


Anyway this kinda worries my about Gordo. He is a prime candidate for a salary dump trade and maybe even Terry too. Would love to see Terry come of the bench w Gordo starting at the two (and Miller backing up the 2 and 3) but it’s looking like they could both be prime salary dump targets not just for us but for other teams too. Then we would need another starting 2 and Kelly is not the answer there.

Vooch signs 3 year, $60m contract extension.

Great! Hopefully this will put more pressure on the Bulls to buyout Lonzo. You know where Lonzo is going after that - right!

Injured reserve?

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That or Suburban Sports Orthopaedics of greater Chicagoland