Rest of the Association: 23 Off-season

We are fully at the :eyes: phase of free agency

If Herro is going to the Blazers for Dam then I expect Portland to compete for winning the lottery. Especially if Scoot is starting on day one. They will have some nice pieces but they are not going to scare anybody any time soon.

PJ for $18m/yr seems like a bargain of bargains

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That’s absurd.


All that just for making the all-NBA 2nd team once in his career. I mean, he’s definitely good, but the super max eligibility needs to be highly limited to prevent guys a tier or 2 below from getting such an absurd amount.

Jokic, Curry, Durant getting $60-70M, sure. Lillard and Brown? Now you’re getting to insanity land.


Why did the NBA make an early season tournament? What’s the purpose and what’s the goal?

Seems unnecessary

PJ talk gaining traction again:

Post script: Posted this on the wrong thread but will leave it here.

Here’s an answer to my question. Just judging by the lack of responses or interest, I am going to go out on a limb and say this is dumb and irrelevant at best.

I don’t get it. Weird to see the NBA kinda desperate

I’m typically a traditionalist. Wasn’t a fan of the new all-star format. Wasn’t a fan of this in season tournament idea initially. Now that I’m getting some understanding of it I think it’ll be a good thing and definitely don’t see any harm in it at worst.

I like the 82 game format of the NBA and don’t want to see that reduced but there’s been a growing narrative with national media that the season is too long, the players bodies’ can’t handle it, it’s driving load management and no one pays attention to the NBA til Christmas Day. If they had their way, they’d shorten the season to 50 games or something.

I think the aim is to create greater interest for some earlier season games. It’s not adding or removing any games to the schedule (except for the championship opponents) and gives the league an opportunity to ramp up the hype for some early season games. I think it could catch on with the players and incentivize a more intense, playoff lite atmosphere to some otherwise mostly irrelevant early season games.

Should be Fun tournament until finals.
Sure $500,000 winnings big deal for 5-10 players, depending how much owner spends…and gold star or whatever else look pretty on uniform.
Teams manage stars during regular season when games still count. Why risk max & top paid players in this 83rd game?
Maybe make somehow interesting, for playoff seedings becomes first tie breakers for teams making playoffs?

Being English, I’m very used to in-season tournaments. I think they’re great! They can add a real sense of buzz and excitement to a team that might be out of contention to a meaningful playoff run. It’s also a chance to play younger players, in games that are competitive but not part of the regular season totals.

I would be an advocate of reducing the number of games played in the regular season. 82 is too many from both a player workload standpoint and a fan interest one. If I miss a Hornets game, doesn’t really matter, there are 81 other ones. If I miss an NFL regular season game … well, I wouldn’t as they’re much more prized due to their scarcity. If the number of NBA regular season games was reduced by 10% or 15% … well, I can’t see a downside.


Yeah, we kinda got a taste of it with the Charlotte soccer team… sorry, the Charlotte Football Club. They’ve been struggling this year, but was fun to see them go on a good tourney run. Messi is definitely a cheat code in the MLS, but Miami also gets to celebrate a tourney win and automatic qualifying for a bigger tourney, while they may be too far to recover to make a playoff spot.

Ok, so you obviously chose the pain route for your NBA team. Since you already have an affinity for Charlotte, your NFL team has to be the Panthers, right? If not, you need to switch over, the Panthers don’t have a hardcore law like the hornets, but you can save money packaging your doom and gloom for both teams! Keeps your emotions more stable.

Premier league still not have post season playoffs?
Sell players & teams no $$$ from no playoffs and a bunch of mid seasons maybes.
Make to much anyhow, cut nba player salaries & owner revenue by 1/3, especially those non playoffs.
Or Guess somehow comparable after all star game playoffs start…lol and teams tanking now. Cut half league & small markets so big markets make $$$.

Compare to English pro basketball…man is that more complicated…3 divisions of about 100 teams, play half games NBA but must play Europe & international…and get paid lot less than NBA does now.

Sadly, my NFL allegiance is as clichéd as it could be. The first thing I remember from watching NFL highlights as a 7 or 8-year-old was a running back with a star on his helmet breaking an awesome run. So I’ve followed the Cowboys for almost 4 decades.

My Hornets fandom started in 2010 when there was a possibility I would move to Charlotte.

Correct. No playoff system in the Premier League. The league title is won by winning the league. There are two domestic, mid-season cup competitions and European football for the high level teams too. It can get quite convoluted.

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I believe that this list is up to date:

It’s the bargain bin but we need bench depth.

So, is Josh Primo finished?

You are kidding right? What GM is going to risk his job for a pervert who literally walks around the office trying to find women to jerk off to? Who wants to give that guy a second chance to rape or something IN THE BUILDING:

Clearly Josh also smokes crack if he thinks he can come back.