Rest of the Association: 23 Off-season

Maybe the same guy who gives a sociopath domestic abuser a second chance?


At some point someone will I think. Not to condone what he did, at least he was beating himself and not the mother of his children.

P.S. I apologize for the uncouthness.

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What about lefty Kobe?

Every Hornets Box Doug is going to be so bummed to lose S.U.Svi

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Good news is, not signing Svi or Oubre prevents Cliff from playing them so much in front of Miller. Mitch knows.

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I didn’t even bother to post this under the Hornets’ roster thread because the projection for Charlotte’s rotation is so jacked up:

I expect DSJ to become a star/savior in NY if Brooklyn rolls out Big Ben as their starting PG.

They need to also get rid of one of terry or Hayward.

Needs to be terry.

Terry for a true 3&D SG. One whose two key skills are spacing the floor and guarding the opponent’s best Guard, would be ideal.

There must be a team who wants a Terry spark off the bench and genuine clutch shooting? We would simply be better suited with a different profile of player.

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Ideally he could find his way into the dame or harden trades for someone like Tyler herro or even Tim hardaway Jr.

But I would like him moved for no other reason than to ensure more minutes for miller. I hate the fact that Clifford is in control of the minutes on this roster. I just know that miller is going to follow the same path as Williams did last year

In a vacuum, I like Herro, but ideally I’d rather focus on a good defender for this roster. A primary Guard defender who spaces the floor. That’s my brief.

That said, if there’s a chance to swap Terry for Herro, I think you have to take it. A young SG who 's basically a 50%, 40%, 90%, 20 point player.

Needs to be Terry more because he could get us something more valuable or needs to be Terry because we need him gone?

Need him gone and need his money gone.

He just doesn’t fit the roster. Again, my concern is him taking minutes from miller. I just know Clifford is going to do it.

Every situation should and will be judged different, Porter getting paid 4/63 million close to what we offered Miles at same extension time 2 years ago.
But really Klutch and fans of him, I’m a known critic and cynic regarding the NBA and domestic violence, but is Miles still believed going to get 25 million+…

Content warning: This story contains details about alleged domestic violence. The content may be difficult to read and emotionally upsetting.

Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. was arrested and charged with assault and strangulation of his girlfriend Monday, a team source confirmed to The Athletic.

Edit: guaranteed 15.6 this year, 1 million guaranteed next, past issues not domestic violence reported but because of “anger management issues.”

Just terrible

Heat reportedly going to sign Oubre if they ever complete the Lillard trade. I wonder if there’s any possibility of getting in on that with a sign and trade with Oubre?

We don’t have his Bird rights do we? Not sure why they’d want to do a S&T considering it would hard cap them.

Complicated stuff, Oubre got Early Bird rights, only know trying figure out why counting as 16 million cap hold against us.
Heat 13 guaranteed at 78.5, S&T hard caps at 172…math is very very hard. Little Easier to make a little room and can convince Oubre to come to Miami at full 5 million mid level or less. Helps in likely gutted depth for any trade to get Lillard.
Yes hard caps too, but at new 2nd level luxury 182.

Good for him


It means good things for us too

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Consider the source, but…

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