Rest of the Association: 23 Off-season

The actual source is clearly @Chef! I’d be very keen to bring Herro here. Well worth the risk, IMHO.

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I like Herro and this fits my suggestion that we are one talented 2 away from having a very bright young core but I have concerns:

  1. Trading Gordon’s short term contract for Tyler’s long term BIG contract

  2. Tyler doesn’t care about defense in the least bit

  3. Saving Gordon’s money to pay Miles next year

  4. Tyler was injured A LOT last year

  5. Getting enough compensation (ie 1st round picks) for taking on Tyler’s contract

My guess would be that the Hornets would want to move Rozier. Would need to add more salary to get Herro? He’s got 4/120 left, 27 for 23-24. Rozier has 3/74.8, 24.2 for next year. Trade machine approved the trade straight up, Rozier for Herro. I don’t know how all this stuff works, but I’m sure they could find a way. If they really want Herro.

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Trade for Terry’s contract? That would work! Maybe we could throw Bouk and Kai in for good measure. I like this trade idea even better!

It would probably take some draft capital back to portland. If they aren’t wanting herro, which is the best asset miami has, they will want draft capital.

Yeah they probably would want draft compensation. I don’t want to see us give up anymore 1st round picks especially if we are hail bent on NOT using the free agent market.

It would have to go: Terry to Portland, Lillard to Miami and Tyler here (Charlotte). And Miami throwing in draft capital to Portland and maybe some cash to us.

Locked On was talking about getting Buddy out of Indiana here.

Buddy would be a good swap out for terry

Pairing Herro with Melo would be great, are we able to trade Miles or not till December?

He can block any trade for the season.

Correct. But if I were Mitch, I would not so subtly and off the record inform him that I can block any and all playing time for any reason.

Yea, I’d absolutely be trying, and not too subtly, to encourage Miles to accept a trade. If the Heat would have him, I’d suggest he’d also jump at the chance.

6’3” 180 Combo Anfernee Simons demand trade cause hates Scoot/if Lillard goes?
What’s that make…

Us: Anfernee, Herro, Duncan
Portland gets: Rozier, Hayward, Cody, Nick, a bunch of first round picks/swaps from everybody else…
Miami: Lillard

Edit: Portland deal, not take on $ part of deal. Getting 60 million expiring, less cost in picks.

Miami…Lillard, Rozier, as many firsts & swaps can to trade to Portland

Portland…Lowry, Hayward, Nick, Cody, send us 2 seconds

Us…Simons, Herro, Duncan…2 firsts to Portland, 2 seconds back

I referred to Miles as a Felon above, because he pleaded no contest to felony charges is this incorrect?

Anyhow even before joining team beater, all Cavs could get is a 2nd for Porter from Rockets. Miles trade value minimal.

I think pleading no contest, while tacit to admitting guilt, means one can legally avoid either having to actually plead guilty or being found guilty of a felony. Doing so avoids direct admittance of guilt, and the uncertainty of a sentence/punishment that has not previously been agreed upon.

It’s a way of sweeping things under the rug. In the above, purely hypothetical case, the individual in question can not said to be guilty and is, therefore, not a convicted felon.

I’m no lawyer, but that’s my understanding.

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While I might have assumed this also, I think that’s not right.

Little bit of reading I just did suggests that you’re still convicted the same, so you would still be considered a felon. However, it impacts future cases (like civil cases) by not having a guilty plea to establish guilt: the onus now has to be on the civil prosecution to prove guilt whereas they could presume that with a guilty plea.

There are a number of articles explaining it from different law firm websites, but here’s one:


Milwaukee comes out of nowhere

Milwaukee is a looong freaking ways away from the sun, glamorous lifestyle and booty of Miami. Welp here’s hoping that Dame wins a ring and then gets the heck out of Wisconsin.

Hopefully the rest of the league (including us) can start making trades now.

No depth, but Bucks got a top 6 like Denver last year.
If pieces can play together & meet expectations, East favorite IMO.

Must have no injuries from those been hurting last couple years.
Offense must produce, defense worse.

But If Holiday somehow now makes way to Heat…or Celtics…make stuff very interesting.

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This guy is literally going to be walking around the building w his pecker hanging out of his pants! WTF Clippers :-1:t3:

I mentioned him about a month ago. Not surprised that he got another chance.