Rest of the Association: 23 Off-season

Portland is doing really well continuing the same trade.

Brogdon would be ideal in Charlotte. Except he wouldn’t want to play there.

I don’t get Celtics offseason. Smart for Jrue, R Williams for Kristaps Porzingis and lose Brogdon, Gallo, and G. Williams. Odd to me, someone please explain what I’m not seeing.

Both Milwaukee and Miami gave them fits. This is a better lineup against both of those times

Welp we just fell further behind in the arms race. I am guessing that we can at least beat up on Portland, Detroit, Houston, the Spurs, the Wiz and Orlando. Lottery here we come!

Optimism like, but we aren’t in this superpowers arms race…yet.
Bucks & Celtics top 2 records, stars in prime, 2 previous finals.
Top teams mortgaging future & tear themselves up to try & get Giannis & Tatum to stay.

Heat heck of post season run to finals, but finished #7 in East, roster not improved.

76ers next best record in East to call Portland about Brogdon? At minimum keep out of teams lineups behind them.

Edit: 76ers messy.
Cavs jump trade, picks + LaVert & Rubio for Brogdon.

C’s have a plan. They looked in the hoops hype bargain bin and pulled out Wenyen. I can’t tell you how many times I looked up that guy and thought of him to be a suitable replacement for Kai and a 3rd string PF. Yet the focus here has been on retreading Biz. Folks we have affordable younger bench options:

Heat, 76ers, Wiz and to a lesser extent Hawks are all messy. And we are trending up. Throw in one more lottery pick, keep a productive non headache Miles and we are the next team up. PLUS Toronto is starting 3 to 4 non shooters and yes Boston, Bucks, 76ers, Toronto and Nicks have all mortgaged their futures and likely won’t stop:

Nothing we say matters to the decisions made on this team.

All of this is true, so my hope is the new ownership appreciate it too and prioritize development over wins this season.

6’9”, 205 lb, South Sudan
JT has 4 year older twin.
:thinking: Not right.
Body snatchers! JT a clone of Wenyen Gabriel.

Meh, Hornets could be following Celtics process, depends on possible stars. But Ball/Miller years behind continual treadmill of building & rebuilding around Jaylen/Jayson. All NBA & All Stars developed, and have won a lot of games and got to finals 8 years after drafting.

Wonder which teams he’s referring to.

Will he go down as one of the greats, one of the biggest jokes, or an “it’s complicated” when his career wraps?

Consequence of player control era. Instead of teams trading for the player because they fit the roster, players are suggesting they go to the team because that’s where they want to play.

#2. Ball dominant primary scorer at the end of their dominance period can’t succeed unless they recognize and change their game to be a supporting cast member

Harden was a Chris Paul hamstring away from a title. He was really really good in Houston

Yep. It would be great if they could find some better balance. I’ve no idea, however, how this might be achieved.

The era of owner control was too restrictive on players. Now the players have taken over and they’re taking the piss. I think the NFL has a better balance, with the way contracts work there, but players will always have great power in a 15-man roster game vs 53-man roster game.

They have Detroit, Portland, San Antonio, and Houston ahead of us. At worse we are tied w SA. Scoots is going to have LOTS of growing pains because they are going to throw him to the wolves. Who in the heck is impressed by Fred Van Vleet or Dillion Brooks? And Detroit was in the crapper last year.

It’s crazy to me that scoot has had an injury history and got hurt 15 min into his first summer league game and not one talking head is even mentioning it


For some people ANY mention of his injury history will be interpreted as waiting for him to go down hurt.

Anyway, people are more excited about the future of Portland than Charlotte. For that reason alone, I want to see them get punched in the face when they come to town. People are even talking about them making the play in game in the West. Bullsh!t. Scoot is a rookie not a savior.

After Wemby biggame last September, tried to watch 3 games gleague…ESPN, ESPN+, whatever was…Scoot out all games with all injuries. Nothing serious ever reported going back to high school, but seems to be banged up easily & a lot. To not at least consider seemed as silly to me as to not consider Millers off court stuff at all…no matter any spin.
Despite hype…#3 in backcourt behind Simmons & Sharpe, especially if never shoots good.