Rest of the Association: 2024 Offseason

Time to discuss where Bronny goes

Has to be LA. Right!!??

Lebron’s going to be standing, arms crossed looking over shoulders during that 55th pick.

I know we are a mess, but the Detroit Pistons are the bottom of the barrel. Good grief

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What in the damned world are the Pistons doing?


Josh Giddy for Alex Caruso? Bulls looking to have a fire sale? Looks like OKC is still looking for veteran leadership after the Gordo trade.

Good for him

Was anybody on this board looking to pay Malik 20 million a year - I doubt it. We will have to give up some money to be competitive at a basic level.

It would be nice to see us throw some money at younger players this year.

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Hrmmmmm, showing DET is still the largest trash fire

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…and the free agent market gets worse for Miles:

And when this falls through, Charlotte is happy to be your dance partner, Philly.

They replaced PG13 w KPJ:

Good businesses move but it feels dirty.

Great decision Zach!

This KOJ dependency was not on my bingo card

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Something else not on my bingo card

Another canary in the coalmine for the general economy and certainly for the expectations of future appreciation in the nba

Is it still Hornets Law even if they are no longer Hornets?

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Bad luck for the goat

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I saw an interview w Kai back in January or so about his return to the nba and his firing from the Hornets. Yes the Hornets did everything they could to help him keep his job and they explained to him that he killed his own trade value. This is per Kai himself! Based on Kai’s comments, I got the feeling that this young man was extraordinary immature and unaware that you can’t funk around w a million dollar paycheck. He seemed better - mentally better.

Different random though.

Apparently washed up Klay T turned down more money from LA and a chance to sleep in his own home for the season to go to Dallas. What player in their right mind wants to go to a Laker organization where LBJ and Klutch are the de facto coach and GM?

We are all aware of Klutch’s representation woes with Miles and Zach LaVine. Apparently they represent KJ Simpson too.