Rest of the Association: 2024 Offseason

Link to Kai interview? Good to hear if he’s coming around. Seemed like a pleasant person when not being crazy.

Watching it again, it’s kinda sad. Best wishes to him. The guy interviewing him strikes the right balance of admiration, support and curiosity.

27 minutes in he explains his goat mentality (it’s his family thing from the Bahamas) and 28 minutes in he talks about his love for the organization.

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Thanks for posting! Didn’t listen to the whole thing but the bit that I did hear definitely provided some good insight. Kai seems like a thoughtful and all around good guy who was probably a little immature and was dealing with some personal stuff that he didn’t handle well. Sounds like he’s in a better place now. Hope he can pull things together and resume his career.

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The contracts Brad Stevens is giving out are hard to comprehend. In total, they owe Tatum, White, Holiday, and Brown $860m. Great for the players, no doubt, but the numbers are just bonkers to contemplate.

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Market consensus: Brandon is not worth it.

I’m super happy for Bryce. Hope he tears it up in Portland

I mean yeah but I hope its not another Caleb Martin type thing for us…

Or hope it doesn’t become another Caleb Martin situation for him

Looks to me like Detroit still has to meet the spending minimum threshold. Might as well have given Cabe his max now: