New CBA (circa 2023)

I haven’t seen it yet but from what i have heard…

  • the in-sason tournament seems like they found,a good solution that it only adds one game
  • the 3rd 2-way may be good for G league teams but curious if it’s anything more than a stateside draft and stash alternate
  • I love the tax rule for the taxpayer MLE cut off. I know guys are thinking it’s taking money out of a handful of players hands but think that’s an exclusive view from the top. To me, if Boogie Cousins had the option of vet minimum vs a full MLE for a fledgling team below the tax in 2018, that is a more competitive offer than it was when he went to GSW.

I really expected and not displeased not happen high schoolers in next years draft.

Owners demanded deal or June 30 or end CBA. Seems Owner friendly deal. Paul, Lebron, others stars push hard again for vote & dangle not rock boat for estimated triple tv deal in couple years.

“Players lose again…”
Draymond Green

Luxury Teams get to pay MLE level players a lot less for players chasing rings, these luxury Govenors need those $ for Super team building.

No more teams 2 limit supermax, teams can pay more superstars big money.
Means some not forced to break up things if player reaches max play level…
Garland, Mitchel, keep Mobley
Gobert, KAT, keep Edwards
…along with those w/ extra slot to go after another. Franchise has legitimate spending concerns, put all behind us and think we are now going to offer max to Mello.

120% keep veteran extension used on Rozier, increased to 140%. What a deal for us, paying Rozier 97 million instead of about 130.

Players must play minimum 65 games for post season awards. :+1:

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Avg 3 teams big time over luxury…2 are golden state & Balme and another the Govenors targeted over 17.5 luxury…feel just a little petty in most part that are worked around.

But not work around, A possible Ban from a buyout market.

6 future firsts in trade instead of 7.
No cash paid out in trade.
No increase in cap.

Bunch what if couldn’t happen, recent…

No Westbrook pick up for clippers, don’t do RJackdon for Plumlee trade.

no Kyrie & Durant trade w/o changes…
Need salary match, get rid of Suns Samet and Mavs Powell to make happen.