2023 New Collective Bargaining Agreement

A couple of fun bits that were a bit cloudy prior

  • The value of the non-taxpayer midlevel exception will increase to 9.12 percent of the cap, a 7.5 percent increase from its value in the current CBA; that’s projected to be worth $12.4 million next season.
  • The room midlevel will leap up 30 percent in value to 5.678 percent of the cap — it’s projected to be worth $7.7 million next season — and these contracts can now stretch up to three seasons, not just two.
  • The taxpayer midlevel will be worth $5 million next season — down from $6.479 million this season — and will increase proportionally with the cap; these contracts can only go a maximum of two seasons, down from three.

Not that we normally carry 13 players but those days are certainly done

The new CBA will change the rules on how and when teams can roster fewer than 14 players. The new rules will allow teams to have fewer than 14 players on a standard NBA contract for no more than 28 total days during the regular season and never for more than 14 straight days.

Not that it helps this year but this is nice.

There will be some easing of the rules too. Teams will be able to start negotiating a contract with their own players beginning the day after the end of the NBA Finals.

I think the in season tournament is the most radical change:

I’m not a fan of this at all…but I also don’t like the play in to get into the playoffs either.

I don’t think that MOST fans will like it - at least not at first. But, if MLB can change then anything is possible.

I like the ethos behind punishing franchises, much more heavily, if they pay the luxury tax. Evens things up a decent amount. Especially for a small market franchise who looks to build through the draft and, predominantly, resign their own …