2021 NBA Offseason (Other)

I hope DeRozan knows he won’t be touching the ball


He should. And Washington should consider a complete draft day rebuild.

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Lonzo seems like the type of player Thibbs would love

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Wow I didn’t know val was that much more valuable than adams

It’s more about the cap space for the Pels IMHO

Wonder what they are going to try and do.

Panic signing because Zion is mad. Gonna talk themselves into Lowry or Conley repeating what Chris Paul did the last two years. Hell, maybe they try to throw enormous money at Paul himself.

The problem is that Zion is hard to build around. It seems like just yesterday they had a billion draft picks and young talent. Now they have Zion and ingram and a bunch of mediocre talent that doesn’t fit.

They still have a billion draft picks, that hasn’t changed. It’s fine for them to shift into more of a win-now stance, but they shouldn’t do it with a 35-year-old. They should go get Myles Turner or another center (Theis?) who can operate on the perimeter on offense while still giving you rim protection instead of clogging up the lane. If OKC is really looking at maybe cashing out on SGA then offer a truly silly number of draft picks for him and see if they bite - they can offer six firsts straight-up for SGA. Not “firsts and swaps” but outright firsts. Double back to San An for one of their guards if you have to. Or just don’t panic and keep making the team incrementally better. Zion’s going to sign a max deal, you have a little bit of time and Ingram’s a good running mate.

EDIT: Forgot that they got Valanciunas in that trade, they’ve got the center position covered for now. Forget the Turner/Theis part.

SGA makes a ton of sense for them. So does Bradley Beal

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Only thing I’d be hesitant about with Beal is that he’s an expiring deal, so you need his specific buy-in.

Chris Paul free agency contract stock takes a hit


i can see it now, the replay to determine non-basketball moves. average gametime is now 4.5 hours