Non-Hornets NBA free agency and trades 2020-21


That’s a good deal for the Lake Show.

Interesting the rumors of Rondo getting interest from ATL.

I really wish FA started today too.

OK, no CP3 to NYC

Remember when rubio was the can’t miss big thing

That’s a nice move for the Suns, will be good to get some veteran leadership to help them take the next step.

Have a feeling CP will hate it quickly though

This seems to be unravelling quickly.

Brooklyn will be an absolute trainwreck with those three

Smartest trade for Houston is just to trade whichever of Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons Philly will give up

No sense getting a couple good to decent players when you could get one young superstar

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Rotating ISO ball offense rolling into statuesque WGAF defensive stands at the point of attack. That will be glorious.

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Wow that’s not cheap.

Oh damn!


Both those trades were pretty steep imo Covington shouldn’t of required 2 picks and Holiday seems like is worth 2 not 3

I guess you do anything to keep Giannis though

This could be Nets level bad if Giannis leaves

And suddenly the value of FRPs are greatly diminished when teams like OKC and NOP have enough to make a straight.

If I’m Giannis, I’m leaving just for them making that dumbass trade. 3 first rounders and 2 pick swaps for Jrue??? Wtf is going on???

And then the Rockets moving 2 firsts for swapping Ariza and Covington? Unbelievable. It makes even less sense that these are teams who will obviously have limited cap maneuverability for the next few years, so your only real way to bring in talent outside of vet mins and MLEs are draft picks.