Crazy Idea: Trade for Bol Bol

I feel like he would be the perfect complement to LaMelo… a modern day big with a versatile game, can handle, can stretch the floor, can run the floor, can work in the post, would be ideal in the pick and roll with his dive potential, and still could change the game with his length and athleticism on defense.

I don’t know how much Denver values him, but he hardly gets any burn despite flashing huge potential and putting up numbers when he’s been given the minutes.

I think this is the perfect move we could make to address our big problems… then sign Cousins.

What say you?

I can’t imagine a scenario where we have something to trade Denver at 2-3m that represents the sort of value/trash heap find they feel they have there. And if we do, I’d greatly fear he’s got more foot issues that will arise.

Easy pass for me unless they somehow wanted a monk s&t and char wasn’t going to resign monk.

Maybe for the lesser of the twins assuming they can function independently

I was just looking for a cheaper alternative with super high upside still on a low risk move… on the obvious, higher end of the equation, I’m eyeing Porzingis, Myles Turner, and John Collins in no particular order.

Not interest. In 2 seasons he’s played in 39 games, 6.3 mpg, 2.8 pts. Think I would rather draft Makur Maker with pick 56 or 57.

Sabonis for the win. Fantasizing big here

So, anyone get a chance to check him out so far in SL?:joy:

Seems to me he may be slightly better than SL average offensively, lol.

This guy has one of the most eye popping skillsets in the league. It is time for the Nugs to unleash him

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I have no idea why they didn’t play him last season with Jokic? It just makes too much sense.