Rest of the Association: 23-24 Season

Saw this summer where DeMar has had his fill of Zach’s constant state of misery and b!tching. That can’t be good for team dynamics. Three years ago they looked like they were going to take over. I am VERY curious to see how they perform this year.

Oh boy

Every wemby game is just reinforcement of the curse

We all know that Scoot is NBA ready. Not winning team NBA ready but NBA ready.

Wemby got a NATIONAL TBS preseason game. Ridiculous.

Yeah, but the hornets got a nationally televised mug shot. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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Oh crap, Wemby’s really REALLY good. We might not be as good as the Spurs especially w this Miles stuff going on.

And Chef wilts a little inside

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Checked the box for bucks v sixers, Oubre was 4-4 from field, 3-3 from 3 in first half. 13 points. Figures.

Was about to comment, Kelly is looking good atm

Finished with 27. 9/11 fg, 5/6 3pt.

This can’t be a surprise for them, right? I have been saying I wouldn’t be shocked for a massive decrease in cap total and team valuations in the coming years and following the next cba/TV deals. These valuations are built on unsustainable TV deals.

Oubre strong game, can do this more than one game of ten, real good sign at price.
And if could Guarantee break glass only at wing behind Miller when Hayward hurt…
So, OK Miller playing most all backup minutes (25) at wing and teams 6th man.

Not even consider other players what ifs, inhouse rotation what ifs:

PG Dennis Smith Jr: 16 mp, 10 points, 4-5 FG, 2-3 3P > Ntilikina (I)
F Jalen McDaniels < F JT Thor
F/C Kai < empty chair

We’re going to have to play against Nic Batum in a Sixers uni now. I don’t like him with Embiid and Maxey (for us).

I read this first before I saw looked at any other news. Just thought maybe Batum had gone there in an offseason transaction, not realizing that THE BIG TRADE has happened!

I don’t think theres enough balls between Kawhi, George, and Harden. Westbrook has accepted secondary status, but is Harden gonna accept 3rd option before he starts whining? Will he allow George to be primary ball handler?

The Thunder starting lineup 2-5 are enormous humans.

Zion sure is active without the ball cough, cough

Is funny to look at James Wiseman on Detroit right now and recall the very loud accredited voices around the nba dradt declaring he is a can’t miss. He might still turn it around in sure but damn what a massive miss by GSW.

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I find it kind of hilarious that Lebron is losing his mind over missed calls. I’d love to see the mix tape of all the times he was awarded FTs after minimal contact. I get that superstars want superstar treatment and they feel aggrieved when they don’t get it, but it’s just funny to me that Lebron of all people would act like he never gets calls.


Wonder how upset the Lakers are with the officiating in Houston last night.