Rest of the Association: 23-24 Season

Terrible for Kelly. Hope he’s ok.

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Man, i hate that for him. Hope he makes a full recovery quickly


Borrego 1 and 0 this season head coaching

Dallas is a mess.

Something really messy is brewing with the Kelly Oubre situation. Went from broken ribs story caused by hit and run accident to this:

To TMZ getting involved:

Don’t know how much credibility random internet guys have, but something else to watch:

Seems theres also a really messy lawsuit with wild allegations from each side, including extortion, stolen dogs, fraud, domestic violence, breach of contract, drugs…

Maybe thats the reason Mitch decided to not even reach out. Would’ve been very on brand to have another wild story attached to the Hornets name.

That’s beyond weird and unexpected. I don’t get what the Ring cam is indicative of, it doesn’t seem incriminating but I’m not always the most astute on such things.

Domestic violence and he has the broken ribs? Wonder if he has Dwight Howard type private life. Thus trying to sell a Jessie Smollet kind of story.

I was one of those voices, I thought Wisemen was can’t miss

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Chet holmgren’s line last night was more than impressive

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I got to catch the final plays of the regulation, and that step-back clutch 3 pter to tie the game had my jaw dropped. Wemby is amazing, but Chet is playing like a beast, the ROY should be close.

Pretty sure any other year, Miller’s season start would have NBA aflutter (to date).


I love Ice cold from the line Trae. Argh, if only he could have bricked both

How in the world does Halliburton get that foul call and LaMelo needs to have blood spurting from him to get a whistle.

Lol, Hield, that’s why LAL didn’t want none of that.

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In all seriousness, melo does need to study some film and figure out what he needs to change to start getting calls. Because other players definitely gets calls he consistently does not


He can study them all day long, nothing this year or last indicates Ball would get that call, or even with 120% the contact.

Pop has entered crazy old man territory. He has been there for about 6 years but he is getting close to being intolerable and on the ignore list