Hornets sign Kelly Oubre

2 year deal


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I can confidently say, we now have a better team than last season. I would have loved to keep Monk, but I’m thrilled we got a player of his caliber at that price. I still think something else could be in the works though.

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Ok, looking at the positives … he’s a good, versatile wing. He’s good injury insurance for the 25% of the season GH will miss. There will be less pressure on Bouknight to perform early. He’s likely Terry insurance and a trade chip for next season. All good stuff.

However, I think he’ll likely force McDaniels out of the rotation completely and I’m not a fan of that at all.

If you are banking on GH missing 25% for general maintenance, then you are getting JM 25% backup role minutes. If KOJ misses time as well, he’s there again. I don’t necessarily like gettng guys playing time b/c other guys will be injured but that’s where he’ll eat this year most likely.

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Yea, should probably have typed ‘regular’ rotation. I was looking forward to seeing what McDaniels had to show regularly this season.

I think about Vernon, Kai, Thor, Miles or PJ, McDaniels & GH as our 5s & Forwards for the next 2-3 seasons and I’m pretty happy with the potential there. Kelly’s a rental who isn’t resigning for under 15m per if he plays well, so I’m a bit conflicted.

If there’s a team option for a third year on Oubre’s contract and we move GH next season or at this year’s deadline then that would make a lot more sense to me.

Think the closest you get to that is Early Bird Rights on KOJ after year 2.

I’m not sure Oubre was worth 13 mil a year, but the contract is short and tradeable.

What I like best about the signing is that it gives the team some interesting lineup options. A LaMelo, Kelly, Gordon, Miles/PJ, & Mason lineup is pretty big! OTOH, a Terry, James, Kelly, Miles, & PJ one is a potential fun small lineup.

I also think that Oubre acts as both insurance against a Gordon injury like last year, and lets the team play Terry more at PG without having to rely on a rookie like James.

Kelly Oubre was pretty bad for a good portion of last year and had a historically bad start. Like 0/31 from non dunk shots from the start. Kelly Oubre was efficient, but the exact opposite…really inefficient.

But as someone said, role matters. And I think the warriors wanted him to be something he’s not. Kelly, come back to a small market team and give us 25 good minutes a night, boo. You and your beautiful face can be a leader on the second unit and a spot starter.

Aside from the early offensive woes, he does bring enough size to provide lineup flexibility and defend multiple positions.

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Oubre and other additions add depth and set up to not have pay Miles RFA money

F Hayward, Oubre, Jalen/Thor?
F [Miles], F/C PJ, Kai, Carey

cap now at about 35 next year for Rozier resign/other scorer, rim protector, etc.

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Interesting. Lots to decipher there. I do wonder if that involves us trying to dump salary first.

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GS want win now opens up all sorts possibilities…Mitch move trade miles for Moody & pick?

more mundane and likely, send us pick and GS gets a 13 million trade exception

I think it would be silly to trade Bridges at this point. He looked like he could be an All-Star one day towards the end of the season. If he plays up to that this year, we can always go over the cap…. And I think we would if we were winning.


Otto Porter would have been a much better cheaper GH back-up. I’d like to think we went after Otto and he told us no. Anyway Kelly fills a clear need and makes the Martin bros more expendable.

Anybody worried about Kelly being on 4 different teams in 4 different years? He was not good enough for the Suns, Wizards and Warriors but he is good enough for us? Not good.

WAS was chasing ghosts and went after 2010 Ariza in 2017 (long past his drink-by date IMO) in exchange for KOJ and Rivers.

PHX trades him and and some flotsam to OKC for CP3 who reroutes him to GSW after Klay went down right?

GSW isn’t able to pay him coming off his 2yr/30M contract so we were able to grab him

I don’t see a negative narrative around those transactions.

I think that may have been more of an issue with his role impacting expectations. I think Kelly in a second unit role playing 25 minutes a game would be fantastic. In fact, I see it as an advantageous signing to pick him up on a good deal after a “down” year.

Could be 3 team trade btwn us, GSW and Bulls. Be interesting to see what would go out. I have a feeling that PJ Washington would be packing his bags in that scenario.

As long as a 1st would be coming back, I have no issues with that

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Would any of us be too terribly distraught for losing PJ? I don’t want to see him go, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. Major stock down after that season he had. Seemed a step or so behind constantly…but with a handful of monster games.