Hornets sign Kelly Oubre

He definitely has promise, and the skill is there as well. But that effort thing is tough to shake. I could also totally see him breaking out this year with a more level head on his shoulders.

Sometimes players just “get it”, and we could totally see that happen with PJ this year.

But if we got Markkanen out of it I feel it would be a good tradeoff. Would just hate to see PJ bust out somewhere that isn’t here, kinda along the similar lines of our Monk thoughts.


I can agree with that. I’m with you there.

crazy fun what if game…get NO involved for space

Markannen max 125% Devonte annual (2/27?)
Oobre 13 million, 2/26
NO 1rst

2nd GS pay for trade exception

Chi 2nd

13 million exception

PG Ball, (Rozier), Ish
SG Rozier, Boucknight
SF Hayward, Oobre
PF Miles, PJ, Kai
C Lauri, Plumy, Carey, Nicky
not add rim protect and rebounder, not ideal…until we find our own Capela, run 5 out JB like run anyhow.

non guaranteed couple others (G Cody/other, F Jalen/Thor)

Personally, I think 80% of PJ’s “down year” was due to the impact of COVID on the NBA season; there just weren’t as many opportunities to get practice time as he had his rookie year, and, for a raw but talented guy like PJ, regular season practice time is a big deal. LaMelo could get away with less due to his more polished game. Even Miles, having an extra year under his belt, was more polished coming into the season. Also, some players might need that practice more than others to maintain a rhythm from game-to-game. I expect PJ to be a whole lot different this time around. There should be more normalcy and consistent structure to the season.

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Could that be due to the lack of practice time compared to last year, or is that a reflection of PJ’s lack of work ethic? I’d like to keep PJ but I trust whatever decision Mitch makes.

This threat is going off topic and I will continue the wondering into the tall grass. PJ showed up for work fat last December. So fat in fact that the coach called him out IN PUBLIC! The interest in Lauri says to me that nobody in the organization is conflicted about moving on from PJ. Holding on to a 6-6 center/Pf is not advisable. PJ will want to get paid next year but that money should go to Miles - all of it.

You remember what happened when Kevin Benjamin showed up for work w/ a lard @ss about 5 years ago? He had a down year. They need to get what they can for PJ.

PJ eventually got into shape, not sure if the Covid stuff made him lackadaisical on the floor and just exerting enough effort on a regular basis.

Being undersized is one thing, but being undersized and not giving it close to your all is a bad recipe

This all feels like a gross over-exaggeration. PJ entered the league like a firecracker despite having the franchise player walk and have his rookie year crashed by COVID. He was part of what? 10 teams that didn’t go into the bubble and came out of the post-bubble world he wasn’t allowed to participate in with COVID himself and thus entered the season out of shape. COVID having guys out of shape is not unique to PJ.

PJ is a well worthwhile investment to keep around and find out. Miles looked interesting in year 1, a wreck in year 2, and inspiringly good in year 3. Why in the world are folks not able to see a pattern of our development staff that year 1 interesting, year 2 off, year 3 gangbusters trajectory for a lottery pick in PJ?

In that vein, I hope everyone doesn’t lose their absolute mind if LaMelo comes out flatter in year 2 than he looked at his peak in year 1. Year 2 is clearly where we give out more work and that has a potential to negatively impact what it looks like to our eyes.


PJ is not 6’6… Miles is 6’6

He is every bit of 6’8 in shoes


Lol yeah he kept saying 6’6 and I didn’t know who he was talking around. So know I understand he’s referring to PJ as 6’6. Get a guys height right before coming in hot with the hot take :laughing:

Minimally, THIS is not a moving piece :slight_smile:

PJ is taller than Ball, so there’s no way he can be 6’6" and Ball 6’6’ to 6’7". People keep trying to make PJ shorter than he is lol.

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Think PJ is 6’7"-6’8" but regardless, he was honestly out best rim defender at times last year. I seriously hope we don’t part with him now, that would be a large mistake imo.

The guy is a shrimp! “Declared for 2018 NBA Draft and participated in NBA Draft combine … Measured 6′ 6.5” barefoot, 6′ 8” in shoes…”

Citation - PJ Washington - NBADraft.net

Miles is way more valuable because he has the talent to play the 3. He would be a bruiser 3 not some softy. PJ is just not that gifted. We need to direct every cent we can to keeping Miles. That won’t work w/ PJ making unrealistic money demands. I like the kid but I don’t want to see him take money from the better talent on the team.

Pretty bad that the Warriors got nothing for Kelly. That is poor front office management. Good to see other organizations screw it up from time to time. That warms my heart…

I’m going to ignore the barefoot height measurement until the NBA makes shoes illegal.


Weird basketball thing…other not in skates, in helmet, in cleats
or is usa basketball Kevin Live 6 10 nba, 6 8 in olympics

Like I said dumbass

Bigger than 6’6 and 6’8 in shoes

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PJ didn’t declare for the 2918 draft . It was 19 he Miles is in his 4th year and PJ in his 3rd So PJ can’t take money from Miles . Miles needs to resign now be for season starts . Most players who sign a little early sign a lot cheaper . I would offer Miles 5,100

I would do Terry 4 at 90 all so