Hornets sign Kelly Oubre

Did you just say you would offer mikes bridges 5 years 100 million dollars

He’s going to get 20 million or more in next free agent season . We could make the last two a team option. It shows it’s a place players want to play. Or should we do 4 years 125 like Atlanta did yesterday. What would offer Miles to sign early?


Rookie scale contracts may be extended for up to four seasons beyond the last option season in the contract, bringing the total contract length to five seasons. Teams can also select up to two players (called “Designated Rookies”) who can receive five-year extensions, bringing the total contract length to six seasons (see question number 24 for more information on designated players).

My guess is that they don’t mess around with five year extensions until LaMelo goes through. I know I wouldn’t.

I do agree they should try extend Miles now because he’ll be cheaper as Doug says. And that’s a tradeable contract.

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The other thing that comes into play is just how close he and lamelo are. It sounds dumb but if they are super tight, it matters

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FoundingHornet vs NCBorn is an interesting HP rivalry

Haha I know right. Getting my popcorn ready.

The irony is the main reason you think Miles is the better talent right now is because of the last few months of Miles’ third season. You probably wouldn’t be saying this last season. Also, how do we know we’ll resign Miles? I think it’s smarter to develop PJ further and see if you can resign Miles before you ship one of them off in a trade. Even if you end up trading PJ, he should haul a lot more with a good third season.

This is a massive season for PJ. The fact we have to make a decision on Miles this season puts additional time pressure on PJ as I doubt we commit long term to both.

PJ’s length is outstanding. Let’s put any size concerns to rest. Sounds like he had some major “young man with $$ distractions” off the court. Hopefully he can get that reigned in and focus on his body and hoops…

Trying to sign both Miles and Terry will be hard. A early signing early is cheaper most of the time.
We then use Terrys last year to determine What to do with PJ . We can then trade PJ sign him for assets . Resign Terry or resign PJ. That way we can resign PJ a year early all so.
This shows what we trying to build on the long term and free agents are more willing to come hear

In an attempt to get this thread back on theme. 25M no PO, sounds like it leaves us a bit more in salaries to get to if we want a near 7M free agent/trade still.

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Here we go - again. I drop facts and dudes get emotional. SMH

Anyway one of the Martin boys was waived. Kelly makes them both expendable.


You said PJ was a 6’6 center

You are worse than the news media

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Before you guys really get rolling, I don’t think I can stomach another with shoes vs without shoes argument. Been there, done that.


PJ has no business ever sliding into the 5. Heck he really should not be a 4. He’s a tweener 3/4 not even close to a tweener 4/5. Energy can’t replace height. (You were here 4/5 years ago when the front office was talking about a need to get bigger on the court!) I am hoping that the Kelly signing, the waiving of Caleb and the pursuit of Lauri means that the front office sees what I see - a guy who’s not worth a big contract. 2/3 inches taller and he would be better and worth the gamble on a bigger contact but not today!

I am done w PJ on this thread.

He’s wrong even barefoot

Guys, knock it off

I really feel like we got great value for Oubre. He will replace Monks scoring plus some. Not as good of a shooter, but the fact that he signed with us proves he is willing to take a bench role, which is amazing, and that has been what has been missing from his mentality.

There is real potential that he has the best years of his career with us. This is a legit playoff team guys. I am pumped.

Think back to where we were 10 years ago. Man, such great times these are.

He (Kelly) also brings a lot of defensive value I’d think. I don’t think of him as a lock down defender but he’s an able one and has size, length and can guard 2-4 it seems. That is an improvement over what Monk was able to provide us and we get the same level of finishing at the rim that we got from Malik. Bonus will be that JB was hopefully a part of this decision and will play him apt minutes.

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Oh yeah for sure, I think he has a 7’3 wingspan? I mean he just makes us that much for versatile.

And we also added another solid defender and young guy in Iwundu too. I bet we plan to keep him. He is good value at the min.