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Instead of starting separate threads for James Harden (selling wine in China), Jimmy Butler (selling coffee makers) and so on I am just going to consolidate my business related postings on one thread. A lot less messy which means less chaos.

I will likely be the only one using the thread but has that ever really stopped me? (Please see my NPR and Basketball project.)

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Great news - the league Is healthy and growing financially:

Heard about two weeks ago that baseball experienced RECORD attendance this year. Can’t find that article but this is interesting:

You KNOW that the Steinbrenner’s are on top.

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Watching more of these clips. So good.

I think that Schulz guy was unprepared for the interview. I saw NBA players going broke and took the bait. Because JJ (our future head coach - haha) pulled the interview out of the gutter immediately (with basic and intriguing facts), I figured I’d post it. The last NBA guy I heard of going broke was Latrell Sprewell.

The interview w Lou taught me some things. I thought that agents got UP TO 5%. Glad to hear that is not true. Secondly I love learning about the anatomy of the various contracts these guys sign. Personal contracts that millionaires and billionaires sign are fascinating to me.

I want hear more from Lou about the business side of the NBA life.

My apologies but the video is prohibited from playing on another website.

Just go to YouTube and search: Lou Williams on Carrington Flash’s page

NBC Prepares $2.5-Billion-a-Year Bid to Pluck NBA Rights From TNT - WSJ

These are a few of my favorite things: Wall Street and the NBA.

What is missing from this video was the LOOK that KD gave JH after the first shot. It was a “Sh!!!t - I can do that too - watch me” look.

I just so happened to be watching CNBC 9 years ago when this happened.

The Heat are tracking individual fans in the arena. Not sure how I feel about that but I understand that it’s a business.

Wish that they could have compared the Premier League too.

The No. 1 piece of advice Dwyane Wade wishes he had entering the NBA (

NBA Champion Dwyane Wade says it took years to learn how to manage his millions: ‘I had never really handled more than $500 at a time’

Published Sat, May 11 20249:00 AM EDT

Poster Commentary: I love reading about the lifestyle and its even better to read when I see clear/sound money management advice.

Gentlemen, the league is healthy!