MJ selling team 2023?

Where are we going here?

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I don’t know, but is it common for a minority owner for one team to also own part of another team (in this case it would be Schnall)

Just sell the team to one really wealthy owner who wants to win big plz (lmao).

Unpopular opinion but kinda don’t want him to sell for some reason


It’s been rumored for a while. Weeks ago Brian Windhorst was on WFNZ and wouldn’t confirm or deny the rumors when asked.

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I agree, unpopular and actually thought I was alone in that camp but I never wanted him to sell. But I guess it is what it is.

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I love MJ and I don’t -want- him to sell but I can understand it; but man I really wish if he’s going to do so put it in solid hands going forward.

I really don’t understand these “groups” that own teams and how it works out. What do we know about Plotkin/Schnall?

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Jordan would still have a minority stake in the team. Sounds like he’s just cashing in but Plotkin and Schnall live in New York and Miami respectively.

I would believe they would still lean on him for some basketball stuff. Plus I’m not worried about Charlotte going anywhere. They have a lease that ties them to the arena through 2045 and the value of the franchise has skyrocketed here.

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Seems like he’d at least wait til we win the Wemby lottery to maximize his returns.

Plotkin made his money in hedge funds similar to David Tepper. Schnall is in business banking, and Interestingly is friends with a number of college basketball coaches. Also likes to play basketball himself. Could be something to watch

He’s smart. Literally every bank is the the threshold of bankruptcy and the world economy is seriously set to collapse for a few years. Absolutely cash out if you have the chance

On the exciting side, generally when a new owner comes in, they make a bunch of big moves. So we are least have a shot at something to talk about this summer

This is all shenanigans. We all know The Illuminati owns everything.

And they have big plans this spring for Westbrook.

This day keeps getting better!

Like I told y’all before the minority sale and also I believe a week or two ago…

Funny how I get dogged by a few hand jobbers on here when I say something about a pick in the draft and it changes


I hope this works out. Plus we get lucky in off season. Could be a good thing.

Plotkin lost half a billion of MJs money (on paper at least) during the GameStop event January 2021.

He had to shut his hedge fund down completely and offloaded those underwater positions to more well-capitalized institutions. Same thing that caused the Archegos blowup (different derivative instruments used though).

Credit Suisse is holding Archegos’ underwater positions, they could not unwind 3% of them which is contributing to current events.

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Are you saying this is his way of paying MJ back?

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Yeah… this is the kind of thing I’m concerned about when passing to new owner/owners/ownership group. Please don’t put us in even worse owner situations. The franchise has struggled (and I’d say that’s being nice) as it is.

A whole bunch of really “rich” folks are going to be jumping off buildings in the next 24 months


I haven’t seen anything during the MJ years as majority ownership that makes me upset to lose MJ. Here’s to hoping the next ownership group to hold the reins is willing to spend and put the right people into the right positions.

I feel like the “cool” thing is to say Michael was a terrible owner. I think that’s lazy as hell. If you want to call him a bad GM, fine. But MJ has done some really good things as an owner, especially from a philanthropic standpoint. Yes the results on the court sucked and he made some hires that didn’t work out.

But Donald Sterling and Robert Sarver are bad owners. Period.