MJ Possibly Selling Team?

Long time lurker, fan since ‘93 (6 years old lol)…anyone have further insight on this topic?


Simmons has no insight on the Hornets. He always throws out periodic shade towards the Hornets as part of his resentment towards Jordan I guess? Or because we ended McHale’s career? But he’s never had anything positive to say about the team or city

MJ i guess did sell portions of his ownership over the past few years, maybe he’s looking to sell more, but I see no reason for him to sell. He’s not hemorrhaging money, and he makes enough elsewhere where this can continue to be a badge of honor to be an exclusive owner in the league. There’s no pressure to sell, so don’t see why.

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Are you the same Buckets who posted on the old Planet? Either way wecome.

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Nope, different dude but hop from hoopshype to here to realgm/hornets to atthehive to Carolina huddle hornets forum. Remember reading when we traded Kobe in the Charlotte Observer, and also when Percy Miller played in the preseason for us. Hornets games used to be on the AM radio until I fell asleep in the BD/David Wesley days

EDIT: Also remember relinquishing 2-1 series lead to Cassel/GlenRobBigDog/Ray Allen Bucks after leading by double digits in the second half of game four

MJ was in with Melvin Capital and had paper losses (who knows if that has been closed out or can kicked) to the tune of nearly half a billion caused by Gabe Plotkin’s negligent shorting of a viable company.

Also, Plotkin owns (as of 2019) a “large piece” of the Hornets. Sources below


Simmons: “blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah”

Moving on.

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