Gents, get ready for some crazy talk

There are rumors all around that the hornets are going after a legend. Hold onto your seatbelts.

I’m not sure I believe it. But the talk is not just from fans, it’s coming from people in the org

can i get a hint on the legend?

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A big swing for the fence would make this all a lot more understandable. Especially if there was a notion that we, and someone of high esteem, had mutual interest. Here’s to hoping.

This is the most attractive roster / set of assets we’ve ever had to attract a coach. We should have legit coaches actually vying for this job unlike in the past when we’ve had to settle for someone looking for any opportunity or trying to make a name for their self.

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Holy $#1!. We’re about to get Phil Jackson, aren’t we?

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Don’t think so, but you never know.

Is it really Coach K? Ha

I’ll throw this in here as well

You heard me say a few years back (BEFORE) Mike sold a piece of the organization that he may be out…

Watch for that story as well. If not for the Pandemic and valuations being altered, I think he might exit stage left.

This could be Mike’s final hire and shot at having success as an NBA Exec…

You have the most legit chops on this board. Clearly you are in the know. (There rest of us are just wild @ss speculating for fun!) If you say there will be crazy sh!t then there will be crazy sh!t. It’s already happening - Coach K or over the hill Phil coaching the team? Come on!

I hope that MJ stays on as an owner. That is a double edge sword but he does offers us a certain amount of prestige that can’t be found anywhere else.

Going to be a wild ride…

We need a badass alpha as a coach and not some project or someone’s protege.

I can’t think of anyone who isn’t so old to be retiring, and no thanks to that.

The only legends I know are in NCAA.

Any thoughts about Magic Johnson. Coaching and G/M with Buzz assistant and Mitch advisor.

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I like it. Never thought of him.

Whatever happens, I sincerely hope that Mitch is retained in some capacity, and he’s not looking to hang it up completely. He clearly has an eye for talent, and I’d hate to lose that.

The only point of contention for me towards Mitch as a GM is, while the talent level of the roster is pretty good and improving year-on-year, the composition/balance isn’t. That only really comes into question though if the mandate was to make the play-offs. If we were simply still in talent acquisition mode, then ok.